Travelling world without care is certainly something that all of us crave once in a while. For many people, travelling is soul-satisfying.

Travelling opens up a whole new world for us. It is all about experiencing a new culture and meeting new people. However, though travelling is immensely joyous, have you ever thought about taking a vacation all by yourself? Indeed, solo travel can be a different adventure.

Solo travelling is a trend that is slowly catching on with women across the world. Studies suggest that there is an increase of almost 40% each year when it comes to female solo travelling. In response to this, the travel industry is also making changes. Almost all travel agencies have started with Female friendly tours and accommodations.

So why is female solo travelling getting so popular?

Women nowadays are more empowered and financially independent. They are always looking for ways to relax and rejuvenate. Also, a lot of women feel that they do not get to experience the place when they are travelling with friends or family. Travelling solo will ensure that they get the opportunity to soak into the culture and charm of the place and not miss out on anything.

If you are planning for your first solo trip, you need to keep a few things in mind. Because you will be all alone by yourself, you will have to take certain extra precautions. But don’t worry!! We will give you some pointers to plan your first solo trip so that you come back with only happy memories!!!

Here is your ultimate guide to solo female travel-

1) Choose your destination wisely

Choosing the right destination is very important when you are about to embark on your first solo travel. So, do your research wisely and select a destination that is not only tourist-friendly but is rated high on female safety as well. There are a lot of destinations that are perfect for solo travellers. However, do avoid destinations that may be conservative. If you are planning for a road trip, make sure to have all your safety gear on. Additional equipment for your bike with most trusted Brisbane motorcycle accessories to make your trip more convenient.

2) Pack light

It may be quite difficult for a lot of women, but it is quite necessary. Choose pieces that you can wear in multiple ways. Also, make sure not to carry anything too valuable. Ideally, you should store expensive gadgets and other essential documents in your carry-along. It may also be wise to keep a second copy of all your documents in case you end up losing the originals. If you are planning for a road trip, the roof rack will help you carry all your luggage with ease.

3) Stay financially wise

It may be a traveller’s worst nightmare to be stranded in an unknown location without money. Especially so if you are a female solo traveller. It is advisable to carry different forms of money (cash/ card) with you. Also, you can have someone back at home to wire some money just in case there is an unforeseen circumstance. When you are travelling, do remember not to use public WIFIs for online banking. One more tip would be to hide your stash. Avoid carrying your cash in purses or wallets and try to use hidden compartments in your clothes or luggage.

4) Keep your friends and family informed

If you are anxious before embarking on your first solo trip, so are your loved ones. It is important to assure them of your safety during your trip. Make sure that you have all their numbers on speed dial. Also, do not hesitate to inform them about your travel plans in detail so that they always have an idea of your whereabouts.

5) Research your surroundings well

You may have chosen a destination which was on your wish-list for a long time. However, you must research the place in depth so that you do not lose precious time in planning. Choose a hotel that is close to strategic places such as tourist spots, restaurants or shopping centres. Also, do be informative about the emergency numbers of the place or even the address of your country’s embassy.

6) Make contacts

This may be quite essential when you are a female travelling alone. The locals will give you expert advice on the must-visit places. Also, you can connect with other female solo travellers and share your experiences. This exchange of ideas will serve as a great addition to your solo vacation.

7) Keep alcohol consumption to a limit

If you are travelling alone, you must avoid heavy drinking at any cost. Being intoxicated alone in an unknown land is a certain recipe for disaster. Even if you have met some travellers on the way, it may be wise to be on your senses at all times to avoid unpleasurable circumstances. You may enjoy a few sips of cocktails but make sure not to go overboard.


Travelling alone may be an experience of a lifetime. If you are apprehensive about travelling alone for the first time, you can go through several blogs that give you first-hand information about female solo travel. Also, talking to someone who has travelled alone will put all your worries at ease. Travelling alone will certainly take you out of your comfort zone and bring about a change in your personality. So, plan ahead and just go for it. We are sure you will come back with stories and hope of many such trips in the future!!!