How to prepare for a trip to Vietnam

Asia is for many people the first direction of exotic travel. For us, however, it was not the first distant trip, but it was definitely a completely new adventure and completely different than South America or Africa. We have prepared ourselves similarly to other expeditions, but in retrospect we already know that it is necessary to approach the trip to Asia differently and today we want to share the acquired knowledge with you. You will find here practical tips thanks to which only pleasant surprises await you. Of course, the information we provide is checked on our own skin.

If you are an Indian and you want to visit Vietnam, you should apply Vietnam Visa For Indians. Like that there are certain procedures followed by every country. Visa is a quick process, better you do that first.

Airline tickets to Vietnam

We purchased flights to Vietnam 8 days before departure. We planned a trip to Asia, but we did not have the exact direction and chatted on the occasion of New Year’s Eve, as last year to Brazil – Brazil – practical tips before traveling. I got quite cheap tickets to Vietnam (of course for this period). We flew Qatar Airways from Warsaw with a change in Qatar. We chose the cheapest option at the time, i.e. flight to Hanoi and return from Da Nang. We planned our stay in Vietnam under this choice. You can buy tickets to Vietnam from 1,800 PLN with other airlines, and Qatar from around 2,250 PLN. In Vietnam, we also used internal flights. With JetStar we traveled from Hanoi to the island of Phu Quoc, and from VietJet from Phu Quoc to Ho Chi Minh. Both flights were on time and without problems.

Parking at the airport

We flew out of Warsaw from the Okęcie airport. As usual, flying from Warsaw to the airport we arrived by car and this time we also chose the Lider parking lot, with which we have good experience. They have the lowest prices around the airport.

Key storage, transfer to the airport and later from the airport are included in the price. In addition, something that can be a nice option in winter, after landing in cold Poland. Gentlemen are already returning a heated car !!!!🙂

It is easy to get to Okęcie airport by other means of transport, e.g. by bus. The airport is practically in the center of Warsaw, so a taxi or Uber from the center or from the station will not be a big expense.

When to go to Vietnam

Vietnam is a fairly extensive country and the terrain makes it lie in several climate zones. For simplification, the division into North and South Vietnam is used, and the Hải Vân Pass is considered as the border not far Đà Nẵng. Northern part is characterized by humid tropical climate, i.e. high humidity and four seasons. From December to February it is winter and temperatures drop even below 10 ° C, and in mountainous regions, like around Sapa, even below 0 ° C. The felt temperature is much lower due to high humidity. From March to May, it gets warmer and temperatures during the Vietnamese spring reach up to 30 ° C. This is the best time to explore the north of Vietnam. In summer, i.e. in June-September, you have to settle for heat and high humidity with numerous monsoons. It is autumn from October to November and it is also a recommended season due to the low amount of precipitation and temperatures oscillating around 25 ° C.

In the South you have to focus on the typically equatorial humid tropical climate. Which means that we distinguish only two seasons, i.e. dry and wet. The dry season lasts from December to April, and the wet season from May to October. The dry season in South Vietnam is characterized by temperatures around 28 ° C, low rainfall and many sunny days. The wet season is one of the hottest and temperatures reach up to 40 ° C. You have to reckon with brief, but intense rainfall when you travel on this date.


The official language in Vietnam is of course the Vietnamese language and unfortunately, but in many places it is difficult to communicate in another language. In English, speak calmly hotels, hostels, travel agencies and better stores. On the street will be hard except basic returns. However, people working with tourists usually try to master the basic words and phrases, if not Google’s help will come.


We often get questions whether we got vaccinated before traveling and whether we should get vaccinated. In general, when it comes to compulsory vaccinations, you have to be vaccinated, because we will simply not be allowed into a country that requires such vaccinations. As for Vietnam, there are no compulsory vaccinations. Another tale is recommended vaccinations and it really is the responsibility of the traveler himself and the style of travel. I will not delve into ideological details, whether to vaccinate or not. If you plan to stay typically rest, All inclusive, eating at a hotel or from known sources, without extreme adventures, in most cases there is nothing to get vaccinated. We assumed). What’s interesting, apparently the cholera vaccine reduces the risk of travelers’ diarrhea by about 70%. We have also been vaccinated against yellow fever, because such vaccinations are mandatory in some African countries or if you come from a country where there is a risk of an epidemic. When going to Asia, vaccination for Japanese encephalitis is recommended. In addition, we recommend taking mosquito repellents with you, as mosquitoes in Vietnam, for example, spread Dengue. There is no vaccine for this disease and you only need to protect yourself by wearing long-sleeved clothes and using repellents. And it’s important to peck with repellents not only after sunset, but in the morning and before, because the tiger mosquitoes prey at these times.

In addition, we recommend that you always check current vaccination information with your travel medicine doctor or google for vaccinations for travelers. We note that the above information is subjective and is for information only.