Nowadays weddings are no longer hush-hush affairs. Every other couple who has decided to be one for the lifetime is having various vivid and extraordinary ways to make their wedding a talk of the town and to make that happen one thing that is very much in fashion and much talked about is a pre-wedding photoshoot. There are some glaring and out-of-box themed pre-wedding photoshoot studios in Delhi and NCR. One of them being The PhotoRachna, who has lately delivered much-appreciated work for the to-be-wed couples.

There are many pre-wedding photoshoots in Gurgaon and even more of these many pre-wedding photoshoots locations in Delhi, but with PhotoRachna knows the best locations for the pre-wedding photoshoots in Delhi.

These pre-wedding photoshoots may look all that glittery and dream-come-true moments, but this as pretty as a picture process involves many glitches within it. These glitches are sometimes the reasons for some small fights and debates. Might make the process take an ugly turn at times, making some of these ugly moments more closer to you for a long run.

Hence, to make you all a bit more aware and warned about some of the many awkward moments the couple goes through during the pre-wedding photoshoots we give you 11 of many hilarious and larking moments the couple goes through during this process:

  1. The very foremost thing that makes the process looks a bit messy than anyone thought, waking up really early, putting all that layers of make-up and wearing those glittery fashionable attires to reach the location really early escaping those traffic and crowd on your selected location. This sounds a challenge no!!!
  2. As you decided your photoshoot schedule, choosing some of the best pre-wedding locations in Delhi and best pre-wedding locations in Gurgaon, then you need to change as per the location’s demand. Now here is another challenge to change for another location in the car and doing all that touch-ups and makeovers under the sun in the scorching heat.
  3. Trying hard to pose the filmy way you both thought, planned and dreamed of but now trying to avoid thinking it may look too lame and weird in the public but have to do it anyways.
  4. Till the time you gather all the courage to make all the poses you thought, there comes your photographer trying to make you bend in the most impossible ways to capture that one special picture of you both making you question “why God Why? Can it get more embarrassing?
  5. The time, you’ll be posing and bending for the cameras, you’ll be having many rubbernecked audiences to place a cherry on the cake to your awkwardness. But, you keep going with your posing and smiling for the best portrait for your bedroom walls.
  6. Keeping a balance between the model within you and not required awkwardness is a tough job, but you have to make that balance intact for the perfect clicks.
  7. To save yourself to be a topic of jokes and memes on Facebook and other social media platforms, it is very important to choose the good and beautifully executed themes that give some mesmerizing results to you.
  8. Meeting your photographer at the spot of the shoot, and trying to make a comfortable atmosphere for the shoot, lands you up to awkward experience.
  9. It makes a bit gnarliest moments making all those goofy and snuggling faces kissing your to-be-soulmate in front of a complete stranger a.k.a your photographer.
  10. In the beginning, you do feel nothing less than a star or a celebrity, but soon the fantasy clouds burst to bring all those weird moments and actions throughout the photoshoot.
  11. Making all those embarrassing poses, and bending like a rubber doll letting your photographer take that one perfect shot, back in the mind you just hope and pray that all that money spent on this challenging things pays-off making you smile 10 years down the line.

These are just a few of many embarrassing moments the couple goes through when they are posing for the cameras. But, there are some good studios in the town like PhotoRachna being one of this kind whose team makes a point to make the situations look less embarrassing and try that the couples need to face the minimal harassment during the shoots. Also, Photo Rachna is known to have the best locations for pre-wedding photoshoots in Delhi and many more best locations for pre-wedding photoshoots in Gurgaon also.

But, we know these hilarious and sometimes embarrassing moments are the ones which the couple is going to cherish and enjoy with each other for coming 10 years down the line. These moments actually help to make the bond between the two more strong and steady. As it is said, all good things come in the end, so these moments might feel too bothering during the shoot but at the end, these will become the reasons for extra and broader smiles on the couple’s faces.

Author Bio

ECS Kaberi, pre wedding photoshoot and wedding blogger/consultant. 15years of expertise in wedding business