Best friend’s getting married and you don’t know what to get? Here’s a list of what you could do!

Whether you’ve tied the knot yourself or not, a wedding will always be more fun if you’re not the center of attention and viewing it from the sidelines.

However, that means there’s all the more work for you. With the bride and groom getting ready for the big day, as a best friend and savior, it is your duty to pull up the magical spell of a successful wedding.

Bring in some wedding cookie stamps, make some goodies bags, and save them up as snacks throughout the time of the wedding. While you’ll be running with her here and there for the dress and decor for the venue, you’re both going to forget to have a meal every now and then. For this, if you have some cookies with you at all times, not only will you be able to get some energy in your system due to the sugar, but also feel slightly full (the cute heart shapes will only compliment the mood!). To find custom cookie cutters in Australia, you can easily head over to and order some cookie cutters to add up some more love in the air! After all, a wedding isn’t just about the eternal love of a husband and a wife, it’s about everyone involved in the process as well.

Besides taking the lead in all the events and attending every single function, there’ll be a lot of moments where you might need to chip in on the budget as well. Typically a wedding can lead to high costs and thus, buying the bridesmaid’s dress might fall onto your shoulders. However, it shouldn’t cost much and shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. If you keep in mind that it’s your best friend and that it would really help her out, it’ll slip by like the summer breeze.

On the day of the wedding and the reception, you will need to be as good as the host of the entire event. Since the newlyweds will be busy handling their own ‘duty’ of the day, as the second-in-charge, you will have to undertake the duties of greeting the guests, and being there for all the people who need assistance and guidance, especially the bride herself. Carry a ‘wedding bag’ and fill it up with all the necessary goodies of the day. Your bag should contain:

  • Sewing kit: You never know when a random wardrobe malfunction might occur and you need to be ready for it at all times. Safety pins, a needle and thread are the basics that will get you through the day
  • Multiple bottles of water: Hydration is a necessity and it is normal to forget about it through the day. But when you will be running around all day, it’s important to keep your vitals in check.
  • Basic makeup: You will need several touch ups throughout the day, and it is always good to be prepared for whatever’s to come.
  • Perfume/Deodorant: Tiring days automatically mean you’re about to be hit with some BO. Keep some bottles of fragrance ready with you in preparation for the worst-case scenario.

The list of duties and the list of items might go on and on, but the one thing that you must always keep in mind is that your top duty is that of a friend. More than anything, just be the best friend you have always been and be her shoulder to lean on. Weddings can be stressful, but if you stand by her, you both can handle all of it easily!


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