5 Easy Tips To Plan a Wedding On a Tight Budget

First things first!

Weddings can cost a bomb, especially if you are short of cash! Hence, you can easily have a nice wedding by cutting down on some expenses.

You may have started saving for your marriage long before.

You may have many ideas on food, décor and more; it’s vital to firstly deciding on the budget at the start only. If you are on a tight budget, but still want to have a great wedding, then following some ideas can help you.

If you want to avail of some money to make up for some misses, you can apply for a wedding loan. Read on for more!

1. Book the right venue

While most of the weddings in India take place during the stipulated period, it is good to plan your wedding during the offseason. Why? It will help you save huge on a venue! It is because most venues during the wedding season charge a fortune. Hence, booking the right venue during offseason can help you enjoy the same amenities, but at a lower price. It will also help you save and use the money for other costs of money.

2. Go for regional or desi (Indian) cuisines

Food is one area of your wedding where you can save a lot. You can easily avoid spending too much by not serving too many international dishes. It is because they lead to an increase in the per plate price. Hotels may charge anywhere between Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,200 per plate on including international items. On the other hand, per plate cost for including Indian delicacies ranges Rs.500 to Rs.800.

3. Choose out of the box decor

You can also save on your wedding budget by decorating the place with artificial flowers and lights instead of using fabric and fresh flowers. You can also take help from local arts man to go for out of the wedding decor ideas and save on decoration costs.

4. Go for stitched outfits or rent them

Another key expense of weeding is the outfits, which are worn only once, but people spend hugely on them. Some designers nowadays offer buyback plans for wedding outfits. You can get your clothes from them and avoid paying too much on it. Another pocket friendly idea is that of selecting a design and then getting it stitched locally. You can even get some designer clothes on rent and save on money.

5. Rent your jewellery instead of buying them

Nowadays, people are renting jewellery instead of buying them, and it is one of the wedding trends these days. Renting of jewellery instead of buying for brides help save huge! Browsing some pieces and renting them from leading places can help you save a couple of lakh at least. You would be amazed to know that bridal sets are available on rent from online portals starting at just Rs.2,500 and may go up to Rs.20,000 or more.

6. Capture precious moments for less

You can give the hiring of known professional photographers a miss to click your marriage photos and videos. Instead of that, you can hire small-time photographers and freelancers to the job at a lower cost.

Following these tips will help you enjoy your wedding without worrying about the costs. You can also apply for a personal loan for a wedding of up to Rs.25 lakh in case if you are a bit short on your expenses.

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