Types of Conveyor Belts and Systems

Conveyor Systems are designed to ease the work flow in industries. Conveyors are used to transport light weight to heavy weight products and material from one place to another in less time compared to moving them via humans. Almost every kind of industries including Paper Mills, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Confectionery, Textile, Cement, Marble, Glass and many others have increased their productions with the help of Conveyor Belts.

There are different types of conveyor systems depending upon their usages. For Food Industries, a lightweight conveyor system with a food conveyor belt is is suitable however a big conveyor is required with a more tensile rubber conveyor belt to transport. In the same way, a heat resistant belt with a conveyor system will be required in furnaces.

Every conveyor system has its own benefits and limitations. A Curved conveyor system cannot be used at high speed for heavy material. On the other hand, a conveyor system designed for chocolate manufacturing will not be able to use for inclined or declined systems.

Types of Conveyor Belts and Systems

Depending upon the shapes and structures of the belts and frames, conveyors are divided into the following types. Below are some of the most used conveyor types along with their uses.

Decline Conveyor Belts

This conveyor system has an incline ort decline frame with a gear motor and a single or double nose take-up. The belt on this conveyor system is often rough and is mostly used to take the products up or down.


Decline conveyors are usually used at airports or in the food industries.

Wash-down Conveyor Belts

Wash-down conveyors are made with flat and hard wire belts that are often rugged. These conveyors are specifically made to withstand the harsh water washing and sterilization.


These conveyors are mostly used in industries like pharmaceuticals or food production

Curved Conveyor belts

These conveyors consist of flat belts with a curved frame and are often used for transfer and transportation purposes around the corners.


These conveyors Belts have high demand at the airports and packages making industries.

Flat Conveyor Belts

These conveyors are the most common and most used type of conveyor belts. They feature a straight and flat structure with a flat belt and is mostly used for transportation purposes.


Almost every industry requires these conveyor belts.

Roller Conveyor Belts

The roller conveyor system consists of a bed of roller belt so that the products move along with the belt. The reason to make these conveyors like this way is to reduce the friction and distribute the product weight all over the belt so that the packaging and production might become easier.


These conveyors are used to transport heavy products for different levels.

Cleated Conveyor Belts

These conveyor systems are made with vertical barriers all over the belt to secure and separate the products during inclination.


These conveyors are useful in food industries and animal feed industries.

Final Verdict

Hundreds of industries are producing thousands of products and selling them worldwide. These FMCGs products are in hands of consumers after passing from different phases starting from raw material and ending to finished product. All the processes are done via machines.

Conveyors are being used in production, packing and delivery departments of every industry. All of us eat chocolates on daily basis but never knew how a conveyor made it possible to bring thousands of chocolates in market. Unfinished chocolates are passed through cooling tunnel conveyor on food conveyor belt to make it ready to be packed.

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