In times of globalization, every brand has a competitor that is trying to take away its market share. Therefore, there are three ways in which a brand can start out

  1. Price Competitiveness
  2. Quality Of The Product
  3. Clutter-Breaking Advertisements

In this article, our team of expert digital marketers has enlisted ten types of advertising that brands leverage to stand out in the market. However, before getting into the list, it is essential for you to know the following figures to gauge the whole picture.

  • The global ad spend in 2019 was around $560 Billion.
  • The social media ad spends (money spent on online advertisements) was around $89.9 Billion in 2019.
  • Google is by far the biggest seller of digital ads earning a revenue of $104 Billion.

Yes, that is how much the advertising industry is circulating in the economy. Hence, this article is an ultimate guide for those who want to understand the types of advertisements. See detail Singapore advertising.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

Type 1: Online Ads

There are numerous ads that you see in text or display format when you search for a specific type of product or service over the internet. Those ads, along with the ads on various blogs and social media platforms, are known as online ads.

To be more specific, 60% of the total revenue of Google and Facebook is driven from ads over there platforms. With some of the major brands running regular ads to market and target their potential buyers, online ads have become quite famous since a decade.

Type 2: Television Ads

Though the market of televisions is dying slowly in the tier 1 cities, they are still a major source of entertainment and news in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This means that there is a vast scope for brands to run advertisements on various TV channels to target a specific segment of the audience.

Now, with smart TVs coming into the picture, the role of TV ads in the advertising world would surely sustain despite facing fierce competition from online entertainment channels.

Type 3: Product Placement

It is often said in the advertising industry that whatever shows up the most, sells the most. This is the whole idea behind the product placement ads. Product placement ads are those where a person or a channel promotes a product or a service indirectly in front of the audience. For example, you will often notice podcast hosts recommending some tools/services or a youTuber carefully placing gadgets from a brand on his workspace to promote them indirectly.

Type 4: Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most trending forms of marketing in the digital world. In times where platforms can change their algorithms anytime, building an email marketing list is the best option for a brand that wants to grow organically.

From product-based businesses to service-based businesses, email marketing has been a valuable source for many when it comes to brand advertising and lead generation. With so many tools flooding the internet, building an email marketing campaign is not a big deal but is known to render long term results.

Type 5: Radio Ads

In the world where media is defined between TV and online ads, radio ads have also done phenomenally well in the past decades. With the market share of radio stations still growing at a significant rate, it is quite safe to say that radio ads are here to stay for a couple of more years.

Talking about the cost of radio ads, running a 10-second ad five times a week for seven days can cost around Rs. 45,000, which is an excellent investment when compared to the ROI that it delivers.

Type 6: Print Ads

Even in the times of Google updates and quick news, there are people who read newspaper with their morning cup of tea. Though the readership of newspapers has declined in the past few years, its share is still significant in the market. Hence, you can point out various display, text, classified and full-page ads in the newspaper where brands try hard to reach the hearts of their potential customers.

Type 7: Outdoor Advertising

There are so many ads that you can spot on metro stations, red lights and bus stand. These ads are a part of outdoor advertising. Though expensive, these types of ads are great for brands that want to build a reputation in the market. With innovation venturing, int the advertising industry, even the outdoor advertisements these days are quite amazing and eye-catching.

Type 8: Personal Selling

Though not famous in the tier 1 cities, there is sales executive who goes from door to door in order to sell services and products of the company that they represent. This is considered one of the most effective forms of advertising as it involves curating a personal relationship with the prospect. This not only increases the chances of making a sale but also shoots the customer satisfaction charts.

Type 9: SMS

SMS marketing is an excellent way of advertising of brands that have a curated database of their prospects or existing customers. Often used by broadband providers, gas companies and other service providers, it is one such method of advertising which promises a higher open rate than other mediums.

Type 10: Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is a form of advertising where brands and companies send personal emails  (via offline mediums) or pamphlets to their prospects. These are great for local advertising and marketing. The local grocery brands, health centers, beauty parlors and food joints can leverage such a form of advertising to target the local audience of an area.

So here are exhaustive list comes to an end. In conclusion, we find it imperative to mention that each of the above forms of advertisement is unique and has a distinctive USP to offer. If you wish to learn more about the same, then do get in touch with Creative Thinks Media, the number one ad agency in Delhi.

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