Maruti Dzire tour LXI CNG has already liked by many and this model is available in India which embarks on from 5.53 lakh and which reaches upto Rs. 6.54 Lakh. This is available in three different variants in India. It has one Petrol, 1 CNG cars, 1 Diesel it is available in specially one colour in White.

Reason to buy it

  • Maruti Suzuki Dzire tour On Road Price – The engines of the car is same and can be found in 3 variants. The petrol engine is about 1.2 litre which has ability of producing maximum of 83 BHP priced at Rs. 5.42 Lakh. It has 1.3 litre LDi. Highlight of this car is its engine and capability, as you can fill your tank with good amount of it and travel for longer time.
  • Unique features of Maruti Suzuki Dsizre – Maruti has a plastic grille, silver- coloured steel wheels that make it more unique. The interior of the car do not get changed and has two colours two offer beige and black. This is even tooled with an analogue instrument cluster, manual climate control, air- con vents, manually adjustable ORVMs. It has kept its gauges separate for petrol and CNG tanks (this makes things more easy and comfortable). The temperature gauge has been removed in this car.
  • Vehicle dynamics – The vehicle of the maruti Suzuki has been evaluated and well tested so that while using it. Customers do not get trouble and it even gives long lasing promise with the whole SNG system in the place.
  • Integrated Harness – The wiring harness has used an integrated system which reduces the chances of any short circuits. This is one another profit of it.
  • Micro Switch – The vehicles of this car has been tooled with a micro switch and this confirms that vehicle goes off. It does not get started when CNG fuel filling process.
  • Stainless Steel Pipe and joints – The quality of stainless steel pipes offer corrosion resistance and a leak- proof design to the whole CNG Structure.
  • NGV Receptacle – It uses a special nozzle and this helps in working car more fast and safe CNG refuelling.
  • Deal of good warranty – By the way, this is surely one of important need for anyone, who might be looking for warranty. Buying this car will let you take sigh for at least 5 years since you buy it.
  • Auto-Switch – There is a change- over switch along with auto- mode assist easily to jump between CNG and petrol (this is such kind of quality which people personally like it).
  • Hassel-free registration – Customers get tired or afraid of this registration process because it is never peaceful. Butt maruti Suzuki offers exactly peaceful registration which leaves you free. Along with registration it even gives insurance and that is one another good part about it.
  • Service network – If you truly thinking about taking care of your car then this will be of your use. You can treat your car pretty well and that you can do by providing good service.
  • Fuel level indicator- So if you have not paid attention to this part then you must take care of it. It comes with tool with a precision fuel level indicator which even let you drive your car in a right way. Indicator is one of important part of any car so, here maruti is just giving perfect one.
  • More durability – The car completely offers this one thing and that is durability. So along with this car, you can establish your relationship as, Janam, Janam ka saath!

Final words – Before you think about price factor, there is enough reason which definitely proves you why you should pick up Maruti Dzire.  It has promising warranty, long lasting ability, comfort and wonderful mileage. Price of the car is of course, very good as it does not trouble anyone with any of issues. If you go with the choice of Maruti Suzuki then you must not worry about any registration because it is quite good at that. So in total the car has set a good expectation with proved result.