The best photo collage software on your computer, iPhone, and Android will help you get collages with many unique jigsaw patterns. Below is a list of top photo collage software you should install on your device.

In addition to the use of filters and effects, there are quite a few people who choose to combine multiple images into the same frame. Most photo collage software today provide many different types of stitching, which can be stitched in classical style, or according to a particular theme. Besides, these photo collage software also owns custom effects for images after stitching, increasing the artistry of the image. The following article will summarize the best quality and effective photo collage software on different operating systems.

1. Fotor photo collage software:

Fotor is an image editing tool, which features collage with many different types of collage. The program supports many platforms from computers, mobile phones to web platforms, bringing a versatile photo editing and stitching tool.

With Fotor, you can choose from classic collage style with Classic Collage, art style with Artistic Collage or innovative style with Funky Collage. Once edited, you can add some customizations such as adding Sticker, text, …

2. Collage for free on Picasa:

Feature to create collages on Picasa will stitch many small photos together to form an image. The tool also brings many different types of collage such as Grid arranging the images in the order of rows and columns, Frame Mosaic collages many pictures around concentrated in one image in the middle …. In general, Picasa’s collage style brings more classical than Fotor. Photos after stitching are completed and saved will be synchronized directly to the Google website, for easy sharing or downloading.

3. Layout from Instagram:

Layout is a collage utility of Instagram that supports stitching 3 photos together into 1 frame with many different types of photo customization. In general, Layout from Instagram brings a very simple, convenient and easy-to-do photo collage feature for anyone to do.

The simplicity of the jigsaw also creates the optimum when posting photos on Instagram. In addition, the application also has a Photo Booth feature that takes four selfies of the person holding the camera in succession.

4. Online photo collage Ribbet:

Ribbet is a photo collage service, image editing in Chrome browser or done online. Like other photo stitching software, Ribbet offers many different types of stitching such as grid collage, shape collage, etc.

The image after stitching will also be edited with many different tools. Downloaded photos will be selected between PNG or JPG format.

5. Collage photos online on Photovisi:


Photovisi is also an online photo collage service that focuses on younger, modern style collages. Photovisi will not pre-provide users with frames designed for you to join. Instead, Photovisi will provide a collage style with available backgrounds. The user will then download the photo and stitch it in his own way.

This makes it possible to create your own many different types of image arrangements, based on the styles that Photovisi provides.

6. PhotoCollage collage service:


PhotoCollage is a very basic photo collage service with simple photo frames. Effects, editing tools on PhotoCollage stop at the basic level for anyone to use. In particular, Photovisi operations are provided by a combination of shortcuts with a clear list at the end of the interface.

7. PhotoVideoCollage collage software

PhotoVideoCollage is a professional photo cropping software with many different types of photo collage, supports photo, video and music stitching to create artistic images.

We can choose from many design layouts, edit, add music, choose music playback position in pictures. In addition, the software also has a customizable sound effects when editing images in the frame.

8. Photo Collage Maker Photo Collage Software

The software today is used by many people to stitch images on the computer with a rich number of template stockpiles. The tool provides users with basic to advanced image editing features, tailored to everyone’s needs.

Collage themes that the software provides are very diverse, especially effects, stickers to add to images. We can change details for images, insert at any position depending on the user preferences.

9. FotoJet Collage Maker

The program provides users with both versions installed on the computer and used on the web. FotoJet offers all kinds of collages, even with classic photo frames. You can choose a photo collage theme like vacation, holiday, anniversary, … or design a certain postcard or poster.

After stitching, you can use custom tools to further edit the image, such as adding text, adding effects, adding stickers, …

10. Capcam collage for iPhone

Capcam photo collage application exclusively for iOS devices with focus on the themes of collage and write titles for images. Once created, photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Messages.

11. Collagelt editing software:


Collagelt software will create collages on Windows or Mac OS X computers. This software will automatically create frames, especially Collagelt can use the image into an artistic frame.

In addition, we can use some tools like image editing, image spacing and scaling, image rotation.

12. Collage Photo Collage Creator iPhone:

This is a photo collage application on iOS devices, possessing collage tools, especially picture frames. After finishing transplanting, photos can be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or stored on Dropbox service.

Above are some software, applications or photo-stitching services on computer, iPhone or Android. These tools all bring users collage frames, many different themes and styles. In addition, you can use some additional editing tools such as sticker insertion, photo filters, effects, … to refresh your image.