Photos are memories that are forever recorded and the camera is the tool to capture the special moments in everyone’s life. Technology has brought many new advances in the world of photography. While many professional photographers do not have much confidence in using editing software to retouch or enhance their SLR shots, many of us often believe in manipulating the images. number and modify them a bit to make these photos look different or of better quality. The photos can be resized or adjusted for color balance or added with some special effects. In addition to Photoshop , or Paint built into Windows, Gimp on Linux. There are also many free software to help you modify, manipulate images and also be able to share your photos. Here is a list of the best free photo editing software available today.

1.  PhotoScape

PhotoScape boasts a powerful set of photo editing tools and smart filters that even beginners can master. Take a look at PhotoScape ‘s main menu and you’ll find a ton of photo editing features: raw conversion, split and merging photos, create GIF images.

PhotoScape’s interface is one of the most “paranormal” of all the free image editors we see here, with the tools grouped into pages in individual profiles. Almost the same as Photoshop, but with fewer features. PhotoScape is a great choice for beginners, but still capable of delivering great results. Its filters are particularly powerful, making PhotoScape a perfect choice if you need to add a subtle artistic effect.



GIMP is the GNU image manipulation program. This is a popular open source image editor that is often referred to as “free Photoshop”. This program assists users with image authoring, retouching and compositing. GIMP works on most operating systems and supports multiple languages. This program is designed to further expand the plug-ins and advanced console allowing the simplest modifications and the most complex procedures.

GIMP’s toolbox, layers, and brushes are separated from the frame, so you can fully adjust the way you work without losing any features that need access. This software supports many different input devices, can install add-ons to extend the functionality of GIMP and supports image file formats such as TIFF, PSD, PNG, JPGE and GIF. GIMP works on Windows, Linux, and Mac .


3. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is another free software and only works on Windows operating system. The unlimited Undo feature is the highlight of this software. Experienced people can take full advantage of the functionality in Paint.NET. Besides, if you plan to print your photos on matte or waterproof paper, Paint.NET is the right choice for you!

Similar to GIMP, Paint.NET offers the ability to move its windows around to customize the interface to your liking. Paint.NET also provides plug-ins to aid formatting and add new effects. This image editing software supports a number of image file formats such as BMP, JPEG, TGA and DDS.


4. Fotor

An excellent selection of one-click, filter-controlled filters plus manual controls. Fotor is a great photo editor for making quick edits. If you want to do manual edits with the clone brush or healing tools quickly, you will need to choose one of the more powerful photo editing software above but with Fotor’s premium filters. Truly a useful editing software.

You can easily use the vintage to vibrant tilt and color correction tool through Fotor’s smart menu system. Fotor’s most prominent function that many photo editing packages lack is a batch processing tool. You can edit and add filters to a series of photos.

Download : Fotor

5. Inkscape

Inkscape works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This is a vector graphics editing software, like Illustrator , but still has many useful features.

The user may find its interface a bit overwhelming because there are many tools but all of its tools are arranged along both sides for easy use when needed. You can create multiple shapes with Inkscape like circles, arcs, 3D boxes, ellipses, stars, spiral shapes and polygons, etc. You can also draw lines and freeform shapes.

This photo editing software supports many types of files when opening and saving. Among many other useful features, you can work with layers, use multiple filters and check spelling along with the text tool. Like most other photo editing programs, Inkscape supports extensions to increase its functionality. Windows users can download the portable version for editing directly from a flash drive.


6. Artweaver Free

Artweaver Free has a neatly organized tabbed interface, supports pen tablet use and works with some popular image file formats such as JPG, PSD.

In addition to standard editing tools like crop, text, gradient tools, etc. Artweaver also allows you to save and replay events, use brushes , create and work with layers, customize palette layouts, and import. Direct images from camera or scanner.

DownloadArtweaver Free

7. IrfanView

IrfanView is also one of the free software that allows users to modify images with basic photo editing tools. Irfan Viewer only works with Windows operating systems. The program also provides many special options for photo printing. Overall this is a utility software that you can easily download and use for photo editing and printing.


8. PhotoPlus 6

Although it used to be paid to use this software, it is now possible to download a completely free version and fully integrate the existing functions of PhotoPlus 6. Ranges from image export optimization, image map layering, selection tools, intelligent sorting, text editing, support for other plug-ins, red-eye removal tools, and highlighting tools turn on another picture.

DownloadPhotoPlus 6

9. Pixia

Pixia is the English version of popular Japanese photo editing software. This software is available in many other languages. Pixia works well on Windows operating systems. This painting and editing software offers users a variety of brush tips, layers, masks, vector and bitmap background drawing tools, color, sound, lighting adjustments, and lots of undo steps. as well as redo. However, this software does not provide support to save files in GIF format.

All standard image file formats can be opened with Pixia, including Photoshop’s PSD extensions. Images can even be opened directly from the clipboard, camera or scanner.

Download : Pixia

10. PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre is a free photo editing software that is available to a small number of users but it has a very elegant interface. The software offers a lot of easy and convenient one-click adjustments that are perfect for new users. PhotoFiltre provides a drawing build exploration panel that ensures easy navigation, painting, retouching and selection tools.

Download : PhotoFiltre

11. Critical Desktop

Krita Desktop is very easy to use and it is definitely an advanced image editor. Like some other software, you can work with layers and many other tools in the floating toolbox next to the program. It has many features such as brush, blending modes, selection tools, advanced masks, paint assist, filters, symmetry tools, effects.

One thing that users like about Krita Desktop is that when you press a (Tab) key, you can enlarge the space to fit the entire screen, removing all menus and tools to get a workspace without. get distracted. Krita Desktop works on Windows, Linux, Mac and Windows-based tablets.

Download : Krita Desktop

12. inPixio Photo Editor

This free photo editing software from inPixio is designed with simplicity in mind, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have useful features. It’s easy to use and navigate, doing everything from adding frames, designing to cropping, changing brightness, and more.

With added frames and one-click presets, preview and post modes, easy-to-access editing tools, you can finish editing quickly and even share photos directly on Facebook or Flickr from the Share menu.

If you want to apply the same correction to other photos, you can easily do it with this image editing software. You can open many types of image files in this software such as JPG, PNG, RIFF, JXR and WDP.

DownloadinPixio Photo Editor

13. EasyComic

EasyComic is not a high-end photo editing software like some other free software, but if you just need to make simple editing, it is very suitable for you because you will not be overwhelmed by the features you don’t need.

It has a number of useful objects and effects like speech bubbles, nature photos, cartoon effects, etc. so that you can easily drag and drop onto your photo.

In addition, this photo editing software also has straight line drawing tools, rotate and resize functions, and the ability to create text and shapes. However, it does not have a brush or pen tool like in other software. EasyComic supports tabbed windows and simple layering to better organize things and move objects and images to the front and back of other objects.


So you have enough information about free photo editing software. Choose a software that is most suitable and meets all your requirements. Slight editing will make the photo brighter and sharper for better memories!

If you are afraid to install software on your computer, you can try Photoshop Online on make tech easier on the browser.