Daily, babies spend anywhere from 14 to 17 hours of their time in dreamland. It is vital for their rapidly growing and developing minds and bodies. Failure to get sufficient high-quality sleep can wreak havoc on their mental and physical wellbeing. It can also keep everyone around, especially the parents, from catching some shut-eye.

The sheer importance of ensuring that your newborn is getting lots of sleep a day cannot be stressed enough. But no worries since a swaddle wrap can help make it happen!

Swaddling may seem like an old-fashioned way of taking care of little ones. Pediatricians and many parents alike, however, vouch for the numerous benefits that come with it. Are you still on the fence whether your baby should be swaddled? Let the following change your mind and the way your infant sleeps at night and naps during the day:

  1. Makes Your Baby Feel Safe and Protected

Being outside the comfort of the mother’s womb could be nerve-racking for your baby. Many stimuli can get the little one stressed and terrified, ranging from smartphone alerts to the cold air. Because of this, it’s not unlikely for your child to feel insecure and vulnerable, which can make getting some sleep as well as staying asleep challenging.

Swaddling mimics the safety and protection offered by the womb. It helps babies feel out of harm’s way, thereby allowing them to enjoy some Zs effortlessly. Most importantly, a well-rested baby is a happy baby, which can make you a happy parent.

  1. Fends Off Startle Reflex

Also known as the Moro reflex, startle reflex is a normal reflex that newborns have since they were in their mothers’ wombs. It goes away on its own at four to six months of age.

While completely normal, startle reflex can keep infants from having enough deep sleep, which is essential for proper brain development. The good news is that swaddling can keep startle reflex from happening. It works by gently holding the arms and legs of babies in place, thus keeping the involuntary flailing of their limbs from startling them.

  1. Helps Keep Colic and Related Complications at Bay

The use of a swaddle wrap not only contains the arms and legs of your newborn as they sleep but also applies gentle pressure on the belly area. It can be extremely comforting for him or her, helping to ward off colic. Colic is prolonged and intense fussiness or crying in an otherwise perfectly infant, which can be so frustrating for parents and everyone else at home.

Nobody really knows what causes colic exactly. However, some experts believe that it has something to do with indigestion or excess gas. It’s due to this why swaddling can prove to help pacify newborns each time colic strikes.

Just Before You Swaddle Your Infant

Swaddling is one of those old-school practices of taking care of babies, and it is very welcome even in this day and age. If it seems like your baby is not getting enough sleep and you do not have enough peace and quiet, give swaddling a try.

However, see to it that you carry it out properly. It’s also a great idea to opt for a wrap that is out of breathable and slightly stretchable material to keep your little one feeling comfortable and away from harm.