Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia and is the third most populated city which is known for its vibrant food scene, historical heritage, and numerous landmarks. It’s also a consistent contender for the world’s most livable cities. Brisbane is also home to a distinctive architecture style popularly known as Queenslander architecture. Houses of this style fill Brisbane’s neighbourhood, and modern architecture could stick out like a sore thumb among these houses.

If you’re planning to build a home here, it might be best to consult expert custom home builders in Brisbane.

Common Characteristics of a Queenslander House:

Queenslander houses were designed as an answer to the subtropical climate Queensland experiences. They’re sprawling, single-detached houses made from timber and corrugated iron. Large doors and windows are designed to line up internally, enhancing air circulation. They are ideally located on the peaks of hills to maximise views and ventilation.

These single-story houses had two distinct characteristics. Long and wide verandas wrapped around the houses without completely encircling them were typically raised on vertical timber stumps. Being set on stumps allowed the houses to “float” from the ground, letting in air from below, acting as part of the houses’ natural ventilation. The stumps also guarantee protection from flood, particularly in areas with flat terrain.

The underfloor area can also be used as an extra living space or storage, or even play area for kids. People had the option to add screens to this area for added security and privacy.

Building Your Custom House

Custom designs are perfect for buyers who are looking to build their dream houses. If you’re one of them, you probably want something unique and visually striking.

Most people opt for standard designs due to custom builds being associated with higher costs. It can be true to a point, but you’re essentially future-proofing it from additional modifications when building a house specifically for you.

In the long run, you’d probably save more money. The more customisations you do during the build means less customisation in the future. You can mostly do away with renovations this way. This is why it’s essential to consult custom home builders in Brisbane.

Custom builds have more flexibility, while production builds have a limited set of options. Custom home builders are also adept at mixing styles that fit best to your preferences. Contemporary kitchens can be designed easily beside modern style living rooms.

Design is relative. Traditional houses are notorious for needing constant maintenance but are filled with charm and character. Contemporary houses are easy to live in, containing the luxuries of the modern era, but the designs always change and become outdated.

You can either build a house that blends well with the neighbourhood or stand out as a dominating fixture. Both traditional and contemporary styles have their pros and cons. Or you can choose the third route and go for a design that essentially marries the two together. Traditional styles can be elevated using modern aesthetics, and vice versa.

Queenslander houses themselves have been subject to modern interpretation. It’s a perfect example of each style complementing each other. A time-tested design with modern luxuries gets the best of both worlds.

It’s ultimately your decision on what route to take in building a house.