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Chipping the golf ball looks great when you hit it with perfection. And you can perfect your chipping, too, by practicing them with the help of a golf swing analyzer. We are here to help you learn the seven best ways that you can practice chipping at home. This article is all about those effective drills.

Not just chipping, you will get an overview of the critical points you need to focus on while swinging your club and hitting the ball perfectly. These drills are also valuable for improving golf swing.

If you are passionate about your golf skills and wish to improve them, you need to chip the ball perfectly, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro. Chipping shows how good you are with accuracy, vision, and swing your golf club. Let’s get started with the best practice drills then.

Chipping Practice Methods for High Handicappers or Beginners

High handicappers often struggle with accuracy and distance while chipping golf balls. To improve these issues, here are two practice methods. One with chipping nets, and the other one is with a towel.  Both the drills are straightforward and effective for beginners. Please have a look at them one by one.

Practice with a Chipping Net

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The chipping net method is one of the best practices to achieve precision in Golf. And you know how important it is to hit your target precisely. All you need to do this drill is a chipping net alongside your suitable golf balls and clubs for high handicappers.

The chipping net offers a specific hole in them. So you need to hit the ball through that hole. Some chipping nets offer multiple holes to target; that’s even better to practice different angles. This method is excellent for enriching your focus. Because when you aim for a tiny target for some time, you are most likely to end up closer to the target even if you miss the target.

You can practice this drill at home; just make sure you have enough coverage not to break or damage anything. You can place the chipping net in the backyard too, and it’s easily portable.

Hit the Target Using Ladder Towel Drill

If you don’t have any chipping net and don’t even wish to buy one, you need not worry. You can practice with a towel. Though it might not be as effective as a chipping net, you will get the results with more time.

Hitting a single target is very easy at times. However, experts don’t recommend the towel drill. Instead, they suggest the ladder towel drill for better results. The ladder towel drill is an upgraded version of the towel drill. Here you will require at least three towels (better with five or more). Place them in different places with a minimum distance in between them.

For example, if you put the first towel 5 yards away, the next one should be 10 yards away, then the next one 15 yards away, and so on. Your task is to hit each target sequentially from the first to the last from your body, playing chip shots. Once you are good at hitting them sequentially, try the opposite sequence.

You can also spice up the drill by putting those towels in random distances in zig-zag order.

Chipping Practice Methods for Mid Handicappers

Suppose you can achieve your expected distance with chip shots but find it challenging to hit it accurately. In that case, you must have a score of mid-handicappers.  And you certainly improve your chipping with the following two chipping practice drills at home.

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“Chip the Coin” Drill

When you are good at hitting the distance with chip shots, you can better your swing with a “chip the coin” drill. In this drill, you hit a coin instead of a golf ball. It helps you to hit the golf ball more precisely onwards. Because a coin is much smaller than a golf ball, you need a precise strike to advance the coin.

But be alert of your clubs; you may hit the ground sometimes if you miss the hit.

Practice Chipping with Different Clubs

Which club do you prefer to play chip shots? Most golfers love to chip with their golf wedges. And wedges are suitable for chipping. But practicing with other clubs such as 9-irons, 7-irons and hybrids can be beneficial for you. It helps you understand different club lofts and your swing metrics. A good golf simulator can help you in this regard. A golf simulator tracks your swing analysis and suggests clubs that match your swing. Do not try a driver, wood, or putter for chip shots. They won’t help you much.

Chipping Practice Methods for Low Handicappers

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There is always room for improvement, experts say, we agree too. However, the following two practice drills can help you play perfect chip shots almost every time you aim for them. Try them, and you will see the difference yourself.

Practice with One Hand and One Leg

Try practicing them with one hand first when you get the distance and accuracy, often with your chip shots. It will enrich your sense of the clubface and control it. It is hard to control with one hand. And it may take some time to adapt to this drill. Remember, this drill is for experts. Amateurs may face injuries doing this and find it very difficult at times. But when you successfully do this drill, you will improve awareness of the clubface and ultimately improve chipping.

After successful practices with one hand, you can move on to one leg drill to improve your balance. For this drill, stand on your front foot (left foot for right-handed players) and then bend your other leg like a duck does and proceed to chip like you usually would. It’s not as tricky as one hand practice but not too easy as well. Successful completion of this drill will help you have a good balance while playing a chip shot and perfect your swing for it.

Practice Chipping with Closed Eyes

Closed eye practice is a drill recommended for advanced golfers. But you can try it too. At first, it may seem hard to achieve, but with practice, you will be able to hit the target with closed eyes too. This drill is mainly focused on improving your vision and awareness of the situation. For example, when you try to chip the ball, closing your eyes helps you visualize the shot. And you have the feel of hitting the ball properly.

Match Play Chipping Practice

This is a method that can be practiced by any golfer regardless of their skill set. Just organize a chipping set in the backyard and play it with your friends. Try hitting different targets in a short game structure. With this method, your chipping skill will improve eventually. It’s a fun game. Try it with your friends, and you will find the difference immediately.

Concluding Remarks

Chipping isn’t as troublesome as many individuals think. It improves with rehearsing. You can follow the means given in this article. We attempted to give each data you need to make the best chip in a golf ball. Also, we might want to have your viewpoints about the chipping of a golf ball. Tell us your thinking for sure we can add here for a better agreement.