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Many working moms experience certain amount of guilt because of being away from their kids. Moms that decided to work from home sometimes forget that they need a break from work-home life, too. These net tips will help every work-from-home mom engage in some guilt free mom time.

Take personal time off each day

Moms that spend eight hours behind a computer in their home offices need to take time to unwind after work. Working from home has a number of challenges, one being the fact that you do everything from home. You can finish your tasks, clock out and in just a few minutes start chopping vegetables for lunch.

But a break just after work is necessary to preserve your own self and maintain your mental health. Whenever you can, block out an hour from everything else in your day. During this sacred me-time, unwind and relax.

Get lost in a good book

The first activity is reading just because busy moms often forget about the benefits of reading. It serves as a mental exercise and fires up your imagination. Later on, you can use your gift of imagination to tell an interesting story to your kids. It can even inspire interesting conversations with your kids because you’ll be able to think of interesting replies or share interesting pieces of information.

Reading also sharpens the focus, reduces stress, builds up the vocabulary. Above all, it relaxes you and makes you worry-free.

Take a power nap

Ever since the kids came to the world, moms started craving the opportunity to connect 8-hours of uninterrupted sleep. This is true even for the working moms and work-from-home moms. Right after you finish work, you can spend 20-30 minutes on power nap. This is an ideal length of power nap. Even though it seems short, it can be enough in fact.

Primarily, a power nap enhances alertness and productivity. This recharge will give you an energy boost to tackle everything else in your day with vigour. It also positively affects focus, memory and mood.

Host a tea party for other moms

Busy working moms benefit a lot from their support system. Friends and other work-from-home moms understand perfectly their troubles and challenges. People are social beings, so our lives are more enjoyable when we spend time with other friends.

Who can understand and support another working mom than a group of working moms? A tea party is another activity for your hour of me time. You can brainstorm work ideas or just chit-chat over tea. A tea party is incomplete without some cakes or biscuits. If you don’t have time to make some, you can always find an affordable alternative.

Online cake delivery allows you to order one while finishing your work for the day. You can pick a perfect treat at Zest Patisserie and wow your friends with this thoughtful gesture. Everyone loves a sweet treat, especially when you don’t have to spend hours on making it. You can even host a playdate for your kids while you exchange stories over tea and cakes.

Go to pilates (or any other fitness program)

Regular physical activity is great for your mind, body and soul. It cancels the negative effects of sitting all day and takes you out of your home office. Regular exercise must be a priority for people who work at home because they move less. Many people walk to and from work so they squeeze some light cardio in their day.

People who stay at home, just switch their bed for their home office chair. In the long run, this can lead to weight gain, stiffness and back problems. Group fitness classes will force you to push your limits. Other people will motivate you to reach that last repetition even when you think you can’t.

Pilates is perfect for anyone who sits behind their desk. It engages your core primarily, strengthens your lower back, gluteus, and improves flexibility. Every session is more challenging than the previous making it the choice for people who stay at home a lot.

Pampering session

What is the best way to take care of yourself than to give your kin some TLC? Every mom should do this as a part of their self-care routine. First, start with steaming your face for at least five minutes. Add eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil into water to clear out your nasal passage. Next step involves exfoliation.

After a steam, your pores will open so a gentle exfoliant can clear out any dirt or sebum. Wash your face with warm water and put on a hydrating or anti-age sheet mask. Take it off after 15 minutes and dab the rest to your face gently with your fingers.

After this ultimate self-care activity, zour skin will glow and you’ll feel refreshed and pampered. These are just some of the easiest activities any work-from-home mom can find the time to do. Whatever your choice might be, remember to find time for yourself every day.