A tech lover there? Any tech lover will be spoilt among so many choices to pursue as hobbies for their leisure time but few are must-haves. As a technology lover, you must be thinking of some tech-geek-oriented and gadget-based hobbies but things have to get beyond them. As tech has allowed some of the most radical advances in the use of creativity and arts now it is almost difficult for people to choose among so many options. Since there are many but we picked just peculiar hobbies that people share worldwide. Below are written some of tech lovers’ uncharacteristic hobbies.

Digital art and illustrations

People confuse that tech lovers cannot be creative and they just tend to play video games all the day. Also, people confuse tech lovers with people working on their laptops. Thing is, tech lovers are some of the biggest creators on this planet. Digitalization has been an integral part of our lives and now every person is on digital platforms in one way or another. Tech lovers as artists pursue digital art and digital illustrations as their hobbies and sidelines. For digital art people with creative minds either go to cafes or iPad rental if they are short of resources.

Animations and Doodles

The modern world is bombarded with cartoons and doodles with unique characters. Tech lovers make the most of their technology love by producing things for the digital world. Animations and doodles have been of great popularity in recent years therefore, tech geeks tend to have them on hand. For this purpose, people, most of the time take advantage of laptop rental services where they can consume most of their practices and time. Tech netizens have provided the world with some most amazing animated movies we see on Disney.

Gaming and Games Development

Without doubt tech gurus love gaming and this interest let them have gaming development interest too. The world has seen an upsurge in many renowned games, courtesy of gamers. Games development has been a passion, hobby, medium of interest, and source of a lucrative business. Therefore, for one who loves technology, it’s inevitable to be away from gaming. Tech nerds do not only love to play games but love to improvise and develop them. Also, this hobby can lead to a very successful career in technology.

AI training

People as a hobby have adopted various peculiar and unique technologies that the world is yet to receive. This can be most expensive but at the same time worth having. Artificial intelligence training when people get, they produce a handsome amount of interest and technology advancements. People may learn this as a hobby, passion, and source of income. Augmented reality and virtual reality have also been a source of joy for technology nerds as they tend to have more exploration and experiences.


As mentioned earlier, designing has a lot to do with modern technological advancements. Computer-aided designing has been a hobby for technology gurus. CAD is the source of designing products, projects, buildings, and large objects in a 3-dimensional world and people love to design such things. This may seem a peculiar hobby but this is a very rewarding career approach if one pursues it.  

Content Creations

Content creation is currently the most popular and most widely used tech lovers’ hobby, millions and billions of people share this hobby across the globe. Content creation across many digital platforms, social media, and online sources has been a hobby and now even passion for most content creators. Technology lovers produce content, edit content, and also add their signature styles and the world follows them. As these technology lovers have set their own style and own tone, therefore people follow them calling influencers.


Technology lovers are smart and keen therefore they have a tendency technology wards photography. Creative, smart, and talented people have a passion for photography. As social media have developed a lot, we see trends of sharing memorable photos. People now look forwards to hire professional photographers for their even small events and big days. Tech lovers have this hobby as part-time or may pursue their full-time job.

Coding and Programming

Most important hobby for tech lovers is programming and coding. They love to produce programs, code for technological software’s and make systems work like robots. Over time this hobby has evolved more than ever. Technology nerds are usually technology producers and this is the reason why they are called tech gurus, programmers, or coders.

Website Designing

Again designing? Yes, technology is all about what people see and feel, website designing is one of the façade designs people experience during their every search engine query. Technology lovers design websites, pages and customize them as a hobby or as a passion. Laptops, mobiles, and iPad have been used as a source of browsing online and these are the websites that satisfy their search.