Your car is probably one of the biggest investments you made. And it’s fair to do anything and everything for its maintenance. After all, keeping your car in its best shape also ensures your safety. One of the important decisions you have to make is when you have to repair or replace a car windshield.

A lot of people believe that auto glass services are only required after an accident. If you live in an area with snowy weather, you would agree that cars are vulnerable to damage due to snow and hail too. Even a small rock from the road can hit the screen and damage it. Driving with a broken screen can not only land you in a legal mess but makes your ride highly unsafe for you. Now you need the services of a reliable and affordable auto glass installation company that can handle all the auto glass issues with expertise.

There are several options but not all of them are trustworthy for the work. Many of them do offer the services you require but cannot be considered a reliable choice. When you find manually in such a condition, here are 9 things to know previously you hire any company.Years of Experience

When it comes to auto glass repair and replacement, experience matters the most. A company that has been handling auto glass for decades understands it pretty well. They have seen all sorts of damage over the years and if you still see them running the business, they have done something right over the years. Don’t forget to verify the claims of the service provider.

Reputation Among Locals

Once you have a cracked windshield, all you need is a quick solution. Unfortunately, going too quick can waste your money. If you truly want to make the best decisions for your safety, dig in for reputation among locals.

Hiring a local company is recommended because it’s easier to meet their customers and talk about the experience. If you have recently bought your first car and this is your first experience searching for an auto glass company, start by asking your friends and family members.

Online Reviews and Ratings

Well, there are times when you cannot get enough of the references. Checking online reviews and ratings is a great idea. Automobile experts highly suggest knowing the ratings and reviews of an auto glass company before hiring them. Visit BBB and other local business directories for such information.

Choose a company that has a stellar status among global as well as the local platforms. Beware of the companies that have got the best reviews and ratings online but it’s hard to find a person who has actually hired them. They may be purchasing those online reviews.


You must be absolutely sure of the certifications before you leave your car in their hands. Like most professional trades, auto glass technicians must go through the accreditation process. Conduct a short interview with the best-known auto glass companies to know more about their certifications.

Technicians must pass a standards and processes test before getting any of the various accreditations from the Auto Glass Safety Council. Starting from Qualified Replacement Technician to Master Replacement Technician you are going to find different levels of expertise. If you drive an expensive car worth millions, it’s only fair that you hire a master technician.

Services Charges

The best auto glass repair services translate to higher rates but only because they provide value for your money. If you are looking for quality, don’t settle for the lowest bids. A company can only offer you the services at meager costs when they are using low-quality products and less-experienced technicians.

While it is tempting to hire auto glass experts with cheaper service charges, it is going to cost you more in the longer run. While you are at cost comparison, take a look at the extent of services they are offering. Hire a company that offers a wide range of auto glass services.

If you are not up for filing insurance claims, look for a company that can handle the work for you. As they have years of experience in filing insurance claims, you can get through the process in far less time.

Recruitment Policies

Understanding what you are getting into is pretty important and useful. Many people don’t go to the extent of checking training and recruitment policies. That is risky because you may have hired a company knowing they have been established since 1990 but due to the high turnover rate your car is being handled by a novice. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to avoid inconvenience later.

Compliance with Federal Standards

Knowing about the certifications is not enough. You must also know that the materials being used on you are car is compliant with industry standards. For instance, the ANSI Z 26.1 standard is one of the well-known standards that is required to reduce injuries to drivers and passengers. When the auto glass care company is not providing services according to these standards, you are putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. Not to mention all the other people driving on the road!

Safe Drive Away Time

Check with the time frame of the windshield installation job. The most important thing you must know is the safe drive away. It varies for different adhesives. The best service providers will let you know what you expect from the service and when it is safe to drive away with your new and scratch-less windshield.