Purchasing your wool bedding is a wise investment when you want to improve the quality of your sleep. In general, people love wool, regardless of its use. Wool, in general, is one of the highly-used fibres in the world. People love to wear them and, of course, use them for their bedding.

Australian wool, in particular, is considered one of the most luxurious fibres in the world. They are made from Merino sheep’s wool, which is considered the best breed of sheep for wool-making. The Australian wool industry is so diverse and big that it is worth $3.615-billion from 2016 to 2017. 

Estimates suggest that the Australian wool industry grew bigger in the last two years. It is because Australian wool and Australian wool quilts are getting stronger in terms of global exporting. The wool produced in the Land Down Under is concentrated in New South Wales, where most sheep farms are situated. 

If you are in doubt, here are some fascinating benefits you can only have when you use Australian wool for your bedding needs. 

You Get More Quality Sleep

Sleeping soundly at night is very important to our health. According to studies, people who sleep using wool bedding have a lower sleep disturbance and a lower heart rate. It means they have a better sleep quality than using other garments for bedding such as cotton, silk, and fleece. Also, using wool bedding reduces the duration of the Rapid Eye Movement (REM). In particular, wool has a thermal regulator which adjusts the bedding’s temperature according to the user’s body temperature. So, if it is warm, the wool bedding becomes cooler, and it cools down when the user’s body warms up. So, it is perfect for all-season use. 

Decreases Bedroom Allergies

Naturally, wool is known for being resistant to mildew and moulds. It easily absorbs moisture and releases it easily, which prevents any damp conditions. If there are damp areas on your bedding due to sweating, moulds and mildew will likely thrive, which causes an allergic reaction to your body. Worse, it can cause unwanted diseases. Wool fibre has a microscopic hollow structure that allows moisture and air to pass through. Thus, moisture is easily released, preventing dampness on your bedding. 

Durable & Fire-Resistant

Also, wool contains a protective layer called lanolin which is highly resistant to combustion. Wool bedding has been tested countless times as an effective fire retardant even without chemicals to enhance its quality and durability. 


Wool mattresses, beddings, especially the Australian wool quilt, provide ultra-comfort and relief. It is very beneficial, especially for those who have body aches and pressure points. People who suffer from chronic pains will benefit from the comfort that only wool can provide. 

Bleach & Chemical Free 

The chemicals and the bleaching process used in producing garments and textile cause allergic reactions. However, wools are produced using organic methods without the use or having minimal use of chemicals. Thus, people who have allergic reactions to such chemicals can sleep soundly at night. Cotton and silk are commonly produced and processed using tough chemicals to achieve the highest quality possible, but in return, it also damages the environment. In some instances, people with allergic reactions to certain chemicals suffer from using these types of fibres. 

Wool, in general, is a coveted fibre that provides a lot of benefits for those who use it. These benefits, however, can only be found when you purchase from trusted brands that produce good-quality wool bedding. So, whenever you are purchasing wool bedding, always choose from a reputable brand.