The specialty chemicals industry deals with the manufacturing of chemical products that several sectors heavily rely on. Also called effect chemicals, specialty chemicals may be simple or complex compounds that can have commercial and industrial functions.

There are different varieties of specialty chemicals. This includes antioxidants, adhesives, agrochemicals, fragrances, lubricants, surfactants, and additives for plastics textile processing, as well as water management chemicals.

As such, there’s a high demand for chemists and other specialists to fill in various positions in this highly-technical sector. However, due to the nature and level of expertise required in this industry, companies would have a hard time selecting the most competent candidate.

Since manufacturing companies would rather focus on their current operations, the task of hiring a good specialty chemist is usually left in the hands of recruiters such as Boaz Partners. However, it’s also important to make sure that the specialty chemical recruiting agency knows the ins and outs of the industry itself. This is how they can select the best candidates for the job. Below are five steps to follow before choosing a specialty chemical recruiter:

  1. Be Clear About Your Needs

A specialty chemical recruiter cannot help you if you are unclear about the kind of professional you would like to hire for the company. Therefore, you must write a clear and detailed job position which includes a description of tasks, responsibilities, as well as the qualities and traits of your ideal candidate(s). You can use the following guide questions below:

  • How many specialty chemical industry positions are you planning to fill?
  • Are you recruiting an employee on a permanent or short-term basis?
  • Is it an entry, supervisory or management-level position?
  • Do you need a specialist with experience in specialty chemical manufacturers or environment-friendly chemicals?
  • Is your ideal candidate an all-around employee who can work on multiple tasks?

Identifying your specific hiring needs is the most essential step in choosing the appropriate specialty chemical recruiter.

  1. Choose The Right Type Of Recruitment Agency

Start doing your homework by researching recruitment agencies that show the most potential. There are three major categories of hiring firms that you can choose from:

· Executive Agencies: As the name implies, these recruitment agencies typically deal with executive, senior or high-level candidates.

· General Agencies: These firms have a steady pool of talents who are ready to be hired. There are general agencies for a specific industry. Hence, if you’re looking for skilled workers in the specialty chemicals sector, choose a recruiter that specializes in that.

· Staffing Agencies: If you’re looking for temporary staff placements, this type of agency could be your best option.

  1. Consider The Firm’s Expertise And Track Record

There are a few ways to check a recruiters’ reliability. You can start by checking the recruiter or agency’s client list. If you find familiar names, then that’s a good sign. Reputable companies will usually hire the services of esteemed recruiters. So, if you find a reputable name under their client list, then that’s a huge boost to their expertise.

If you cannot get a hold of their client list, keep searching about the recruitment agency online. Read testimonials on reliable third-party websites and various sources. Don’t rely on the testimonials that are found on their own websites and pages, as these may be biased.

Don’t stop there. Check if the agency in question has the proper credentials and memberships in esteemed industrial associations. You must understand their process and strategies in hiring candidates to make sure that they are not getting people who are at risk of causing chemical leaks and other accidents.

  1. Check Your Budget vs. Potential Cost

At this stage, you’re probably considering two to three specialty chemical recruiters that are good enough for your needs. The next logical step is to set a budget and compare it with the firms’ fees.

However, don’t go for the cheapest agency right away. Compare prices first and analyze which one can give you the most cost-efficient service. If you can’t find the agency’s rates online, it’s better to get in touch with them to ask for more details. Refer to your recruitment needs as the basis of your inquiry.

  1. Study Their Terms Thoroughly

Don’t hesitate to ask the specialty chemical recruiter some pertinent questions about the processes, accountability, and other concerns. Ask for a copy of the draft contract and study the terms thoroughly before committing to it. Look for inconclusive statements and make sure these questionable provisions are addressed before signing the document.

The Bottom Line

Specialty chemical recruiters exist to help companies get the best candidates for highly-technical positions. Similar to hiring qualified staff, employers should also properly screen a potential recruiter or hiring agency to meet specific workforce needs.