Recruiting candidates is a job that every company needs to do in order to survive, irrespective of the size of the company. Recruiting the top talent in today’s global economy is not just an option but a necessity. Moreover recruiting senior-level employees is more crucial and a very difficult task as you need someone with both experience and extraordinary skills. Although there are various Manufacturing executive search firms that can help you do so. But knowing what exactly you want and how to grab the attention of such candidates in your hands.

We know it looks like a lot of work and probably impossible for some of the small scale companies. But with the right knowledge, tips, and tricks you can easily find and recruit the perfect person for the job. So here are the top 7 tips for recruiting senior-level employees.

Get an Ideal Vision

Now there is not much of a difference between recruiting a regular employee and a senior-level employee. The only thing that makes it a little different is the vision you and your fellow employers have in your mind. So before you start recruiting for senior-level posts in your company make sure that you know what you are looking for. Think about different qualities that you are looking for in an ideal candidate like his experience, personality, technical knowledge, previous work history, motivating factors, etc. Well, it’s not like you would find a candidate that fulfils your ideal conditions but can for sure look for someone who fulfils most of your aspirations.

Always keep in mind that a bad decision at this stage could prove to be extremely hazardous for the company. If you by mistake recruit someone who is not up to the mark for a job that has a major impact on the company’s output, reputation or even the groundwork could easily decelerate the company’s growth chart. At that time you will be hailed responsible for it.

So never consider recruiting a senior-level employee as an easy task, as has a major impact on a company either positive or negative.

Offer Them Something Extra

Who doesn’t love good money? You can hire anyone if you just pay them the right amount of money. Well if that’s how you think while recruiting a senior-level candidate then you might not get what you want.

Recruiting someone who has an appropriate skill set to become a senior-level candidate is not just about the money you offer them. Remember at some level in life, people have already seen their share of the money. What they need is something extra. Now, something extra is a wide term, so lets narrow it down.  These extra benefits could range from health services to regular bonuses to transport and living service, etc. These small things matter, and with a good can attract more senior-level candidates than just lump some money to your company. So next time you are offering a senior-level candidate a package make sure that you offer something extra, as they might already be making good money.

Look For Passive Candidates

Chances are that your idea employee is already working in some other company, and might not be actively searching for a job. An analytical survey shows that about 90 to 97 per cent of the senior candidates are well employed, but are proactively waiting to be found. So if you search really deep then you might just discover the perfect candidate for the job. There are various platforms available where you search for your candidates such as social media and prominently platforms like LinkedIn. Linkedin type platforms are social media platforms for working professionals and are a great way of finding for finding jobs and candidates. So till now if you were excluding the candidates that are already employed then we would suggest you make some changes to your recruitment strategies.

Look For Long Term Candidates

Often we look for candidates for a temporary interval of time. Someone who can get your today’s work done. However, when it comes to a senior-level candidate then we would suggest looking for candidates who see a long future with your company. Changing senior-level employees too often is a sign of bad faith for your company. This might also repel other potential and talented candidates away form you. After all, you don’t see, google, amazon, Goldman Shaks changing their CEO every year. On the contrary companies like these rarely give up their senior-level candidates, for instance, Facebook is still working under the direction of Mark Zuckerburg. So when you are interviewing you candidates make sure that you clearly state a long term corporation. Either way, most of the senior-level candidates know that, however its always better to clearly state it.

Look At Their Track Records

It’s natural to have a check on your candidate’s work history and involvement in previous projects. However, all of the major things are included in a candidate’s resume and you can easily judge a candidate based on that. Well of course if you read their resumes carefully. Most of the recruiters have a habit of just ignoring the resume to the extent that they don’t even look at the resume even once. If you also have of doing the same, then we would really suggest you change it, as you are missing out on a lot of information about your candidate. Sometimes there is more to the candidate then it meets the eye and its a recruiter’s job to see that potential in a candidate.

Seek A Cultural Fit

Sometimes even exceptional talent is wasted due to the difference in a company’s working environment and culture. So it is important that your potential candidate is either form the same cultural environment or at least have worked in a similar environment. So make sure that your candidate is fit for both the job and the work culture of your company.

Consider Internal Promotions

It’s not always necessary that you need external talent to operate smoothly. Maybe someone in your own company is fully capable of taking up the job, but the only thing that’s stopping them is you. So before you start looking outside we would recommend searching within your own staff for that exceptional employee who gives his all to the job. Making a new senior employee rather than searching for an existing one is a far better choice both financially and technically. After all someone needs to take upon the mantle of the senior employees.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. He loves to share his thoughts from his blogs on Leading manufacturing headhunters.