Surely the concept of deadline is no longer new to students. Deadline from exercises, presentations, essays – seemingly simple deadline but has become a “persistent stalker” of many modern people. So how to escape pressure from deadlines and get the job done in the best way? Just follow the 5 tips below, you can overcome all deadlines.

1. Split the work

Instead of a long list of tasks, you can divide them into small tasks. Dividing and making short-term plans helps you get things done easier and faster. One note is to write down the content and time you can finish. You will have a better overview. In addition, writing on paper will motivate you and keep in mind that you have to get work done.

2. Decentralized work

After the division of work, decentralize the work. You can decentralize according to two criteria: importance and urgency. The important thing is what you have to do. Failure to do so will delay other tasks. The importance should be conveniently implemented first. An urgent task can be understood that if done immediately, it will bring better results. Take some time to consider and organize the issue into the appropriate groups. Important and urgent work should be given priority first. After the hierarchy, you will feel lighter when done.

3. Learn from experience after each “pass” safety deadline

Life does not always “run” according to calculations. There will certainly be times when you have to run a deadly deadline despite a clear plan. At that time, what do you use to “solve it neatly” deadlines – remember them. It will give you a “warehouse” of experience for the “unfortunate” future.

4. Avoid being too focused on time

Watching time only makes you more stressed out. Continuous viewing now only makes this friend think “I can’t do it”. Even you will try to cram, do try to get done. Set your watch at an angle and try to do it as fast as possible, as best you can.

5. Always have a “precautionary” plan

Make a “contingency” plan where you set your deadline shorter than the main deadline. If you estimate that it will take 2 hours to complete. However, unexpected things are likely to happen in the meantime. Set a goal to complete by 80% of the original time, because there are things you have not thought of that will arise in the process of working. Use the remaining 20% to solve these problems.

Hope that the sharing below will help you calm down to “challenge” every deadline.