Have you heard about Zerodha? It is one of the prominent discount brokers in the market, Though the company has its head quarters in Bangalore it has branch offices in most of the major cities of India. KITE, NEST and PI are some of the popular trading platforms that is offered by the company. In fact the company does not provide customer service at all times. Even this is compatible on the Android platforms.

Services offered by Zerodha

The challenges faced by Zerodha

It is a well known fact that the company has gone on to establish itself as a competitive ones in terms of brokerage rates. At the same time its horizon is limited due to a few issues that have sprung up. First of all there are no monthly plans that are suitable for heavy traders. In addition the option of 3 – 1 account is also not available. No exposure against shares also occur. Though being a discount broker it has witnessed a massive growth pace. There is a team in place who work day and night so as to provide professional service to the clients . In due course of time the client did go on to face a host of challenges

As per latest reviews the stock broker is fine when it comes to the question of brokerage, but clients are having issues. The moment you place a pay our request the site says that you will avail it in 3 to 4 hours. But the reality is that it might take a couple of days. This same case existed in case of margin where 5 times intra day leverage was provided on NSE stocks. The clients did go on to enjoy such margins but suddenly it was asked that the same margin to be provided in Z stocks. When people got in touch with the customer centre for such facility it was denied from their end.

To conclude Zerodha is one of the prominent discount brokerage firms in the market. The customer reviews have gone on to generate a lot of positive response in the last few years.