The demand for digital printing is growing. Gone are the days when printing was done manually, and today, technology is contributing a major role in providing faster and more efficient printing for various companies.

Latest trends in printing, digital printing

The recent years have been challenging for many. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way businesses do their work has changed. Many sectors are challenged to cope up, including the printing industry.

Despite this, the industry is thriving with the latest trends in printing. What are the latest trends in printing and digital printing?

One of the most popular trends in the printing world is three-dimensional or 3D printing. What is this all about? 3D printing produces three-dimensional objects. With this, innovation plays a pivotal role in many industries.

The next trend is the merging of printing and information technology or IT. With the emergence of IT, manufacturers and organizations adapt their expertise to print better outputs. According to a report on the publication website Pulp and Paper Technology, businesses will connect with IT service providers over traditional printing providers by 2025.

Also, a growing trend is sheet-fed digital printing. This is relatively a new concept in the industry, with a limited number of vendors capable of doing so. They include Konica, HP, and Fujifilm, among others. This trend allows customers to print close to B2 or 707 x 500 mm sheets. Does this help the business? To a great deal.

Other trends in printing and digital printing are the Internet of Things fuelling print security spending, the demand for cost-effective printing, erasable printing technology spearheaded by Japan’s Toshiba, security printing, and cloud printing.

The PrintVolution Shop

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The company offers printing services for businesses and individuals. They provide printing for wearable’s, name card printing, weddings, advertising, books, art, posters, packaging, stationery, and so much more.