Getting your website on the first page of Google search results is no magic. Also, if you are a beginner, know that there’s a lot to do. However, these SEO tips for beginners are surely going to help you.

Search engine optimization is a deep ocean to dive down till the depths. There are many complex algorithms that need to be understood and practiced. This is actually the process of putting in efforts to notify the search engines that your webpage is worthy of traffic.

There are millions of webpage on the web; therefore, competition among them is undeniable. In that case, highlighting the positive aspects of your website or webpage becomes necessary. Moreover, this is all going to be about elements that would form the crust above various layers of SEO. The points here would focus on the primary practices that you should consider as you take your starting step.

Some Basic SEO Tips for Beginners

It would be difficult to jump off to abundant organic traffic and best ranks on SERPs. There are numerous practices that you need to know about and follow some algorithms to witness expected results. Here are the most important ones that you should recognize as a beginner:

On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization targets to implement algorithms and improve specific elements of your webpage to improve search engine rankings. These key elements include the following:

  • Page Title: Page titles are certainly the first and most important element that needs to be considered. Ensure that the page titles are unique and aptly describe the page content briefly. Use appropriate keywords and mention the name of your business or website in case of Home Page titles.
  • Meta Description: Meta description adds up to the existing possibilities that the user will click on your content. It is a short yet exact insight of the entire content on the webpage. A meta description is often displayed on the Google search result page. The description would let the user have an idea whether the webpage boasts appropriate content for them or not. Meta descriptions should also be unique and keyword rich. Also, make sure that you do not repeat the title in the description.
  • Header Tags: Search engines do not read the entire content. There’s no time for that. However, they go through the H1, H2, and H3 tags to make out what the content is all about. Therefore, it is always suggestible to make appropriate use of keywords in these header tags. Also, keep them meaningful in compliance with the content you publish.
  • URL: Although no reader is actually going to hate good content for the ugly URL of its webpage, there are certain points that you may consider. It is always recommended to keep URLs short. Also, using the target keyword in it is vital. This will make the URL informative about the subject. Short and simple URLs are easy to remember and users may be able to find you easily on the web.

Overall, On-Page SEO considers informative, high value, excellent content delivery.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the most basic elements on which your website’s SEO is going to depend on. You need no specialization to recognize the best keywords for your website. However, finding some reliable SEO services India would be great. All you need is to know what your website is all about. Further, there are many effective tools that you can use for keyword research. Proper keyword research is vital to analyze the performance of the competitors’ websites and your website altogether.

Simplified approach to keyword research

Simplifying and parting the process of keyword research into several steps would make things work well.

  1. Consider Buyers’ Persona

Before jumping on to any other tactics, make out what the buyer/user/reader would search for. The most frequently used search terms are likely to be the best keywords. Considering the major points or goals before adding the actual keywords or phrases to the keyword list would be vital.

  1. Keyword List

Further, you are required to list down as many phrases or queries you can imagine. These are then to be integrated with researched data to accomplish expected results. A keyword list will also help you to come up with relevant topics for content creation. Also, use appropriate keyword research tools to analyze prevailing competition. This would clarify which keywords would actually provide a better edge to your content and webpage in the Google search results.

  1. Content Strategy

A Predetermined keyword list lets you develop better ideas for blogs or articles and any other content creation. You would then be able to compose an entire content keeping in mind a specific target keyword. Optimizing for keywords will allow the content to appear more frequently in the search results subsequently leading to improved rankings.

Getting External Backlinks

Link building is an absolutely important element to drive in visibility for the competitive keywords you have featured on your webpage. Getting the right links for your website is crucial to attaining expected visibility for it. You will have to look for no other reasons for this when Google already advises making sure that your website gets links from others on the web.

With the text-matching technique that Google follows, linking will help your websites get better visibility in search engine results. This means, when other websites provide your link on their page, they are suggesting your website for relevant content. More external links would, therefore, imply more votes and every vote counts for the improvement of your search engine ranking. All that matters is to know that they are the right kind of votes.

Link building is where SEO beginners often get stuck. It’s not something you can master in a day; it gets better with time and practice. However, knowing some perfect strategies would always help. Here are a few for you:

  1. Highly Credible Directory Sites

This is all about the big business portals and directories that prevail in your industry. Google your location along with the keywords you target. Generally, the listings on the first page are worthiest for investigation. See to the fact that whether or not will your potential customers find and click on these links. If you’re up with a ‘Yes’ then looking in for listings would actually be worthy.

  1. Competitors’ Link Analysis

Reviewing competitors’ links could be helpful in identifying better opportunities for link building. This is where you may utilize some relevant tools to recognize appropriate linking opportunities. You do not need to copy all the links as it is but to realize how things really worked for them. You will then be able to come up with better strategies for the same. Moreover, you cannot ignore the need to consider what your prospects would actually want to click on.

  1. Testimonials and existing relationships

Offer writing testimonials to the companies you work with. Consider your social media or SEO company Mumbai, website designers etc. They are likely to be local, have had worked with you and can easily bring you some relevant links. Also, investigate the sites of your customers or suppliers and make out if it’s possible to get any links.


There could be no better platforms than social media to get maximum reach and engagement for your business. Most of the SEO Services India. therefore, consider social media management as an integral part of the processes. This would not be a deal too big; however, there are several elements that you will need to consider. You will not really have to post things manually always, the social media management tools will let you keep processes well managed. You can schedule posts for the future and keep your followers on the radar.

This could be one of the best ways to share relevant information about what your business provides and how is it different from others in the industry. It is also a perfect way to increase engagement with the community of your customers and reaching out to new viewers who can turn into your customers later. Create and manage tasks as per social media calendars that will let you know about the published and unpublished stuff from the ones you’ve scheduled.

Make sure that you share appropriate content with a view to establishing a positive image of your website. Your posts should comprise customized, shareable images. Also, include the share button, or any other probable action button which lets the viewers stay for a while and distribute your content to others.

The above-mentioned SEO tips for beginners would surely help well in getting improved performance insights for your websites.