Commercial baby shower gifts will do just fine, but why not make your gift extra special by being creative and preparing your own present. Add a personal touch and make your bestie, co-worker, or yoga buddy feel more loved by giving them your self-curated baby gift basket.

If you want a little push and some ideas, here is your perfect guide in creating the cutest and charming newborn gift basket.

  1. In building your own baby gift basket, the basket or container itself is very important for aesthetic and presentation purposes. It would also be better to choose a box that is sturdy and can be reused afterwards. If you are already aware of the baby’s gender, you can opt for a pink or yellow basket for a girl and blue or green container for a boy. But if not, choosing a neutral colored box is the safest bet.
  2. Think of the style that you want to curate, whether it’s modern, classic or trendy. Then set your budget for the items and accessories that you will fill in the basket.
  3. Go to the baby section of your favorite shopping mall or start ordering baby products online. As an unwritten rule, the most desirable baby gift baskets include at least one of the following:
  • A blanket, a towel, or a burp cloth – Ensure to get a towel that is extra warm and absorbent and a blanket/cloth that is soft and allergen-free to keep the baby comfortable and safe.
  • Milestones cards or a baby book – Every parent needs a special journal to document the baby’s small and significant achievements.
  • Clothing essentials such as onesies, leggings, tees, and socks – You can get a shade-matching complete set or buy customized ones with the baby’s name or personalized designs.
  • A cute pair of booties and mittens – These necessities are very useful in protecting a newborn baby’s delicate little hands and feet.
  • Stuff or rubber toy that is safe for the littlest ones – Make your basket more appealing with a colorful stuffed animal or bright rubber toys.
  • Optional skin-care products for babies – Whether you are getting soaps, cleansers, shampoos, lotions, or powders- remember to choose a chemical-free and safe brand for the baby.
  • Optional milk bottles or baby diapers – Ensure that you also buy high-quality and safe bottles and diaper products if you decide to include such in your present.

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5. Once you get or receive these beautiful gifts, place them in your basket with the large ones at the back and the smaller ones in front, add a bow with matching colors and wrap them up with soft tulle.

They say nothing is hard when you are having fun. And the same is true in building your baby basket. It is not only easy peasy but also fulfilling and relaxing. Make your own now and curate a baby basket that is loaded of sweet thought and love.