The midsize sedan KIA K5 has arrived in the market recently, and what a buzz has it made! It has slowly replaced the well-known Optima in 2021 and has become everyone’s favorite.

KIA has made a stark rise since it stepped into the automobile industry. To learn more about the model, you must visit the website before investing your savings in them.

As per reports, the Kia Motors Corporation sold around 2.6 million vehicles to customers across the globe in 2020. This all-new sedan is redesigning the way people drive with its distinctive style, upgraded engine, and intelligent technology.

These unique features have made KIA K5 an attractive buy for all car lovers. So, read along to know what to look forward to in the brand-new KIA K5.

High-Performance GT Model

In the new KIA K5, you can expect two powerful engines backing the car. One is meant for your regular easy drive with a 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder engine that offers 180 horsepower.

On the other hand, if you need an added acceleration and power, you can opt for the GT trim level with 290-horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque.

Though this model gives you the choice of opting for a mighty engine, the base engine accurately fits in with the smooth driving of the model.

The car model does not stop to surprise here. To relish the driving experience, KIA K5 also has an Idle stop and go option. Hence, the engine will shut down when you have paused at the signal -a remarkable initiative to save fuel.

Classic Interiors

The KIA K5 has well-crafted and spacious interiors designed to deliver the utmost comfort. The model’s layout is sophisticated and straightforward, making it outshine other sedans in the market.

The car’s front seats are heated and ventilated for the driver’s convenience. The majority of the elements inside are made of delicate materials, making it a relaxing ride for you.

KIA K5 provides plenty of legroom and space for travelers and is ideal for a family road trip. You can even enjoy high-quality music as the car comes with a Bose Premium audio system with 12 speakers.

Driving Experience Better than Optima

Unlike Optima, KIA K5 has heightened the driving experience to a greater level. You must take one for a test drive to learn more about the difference. The eight-speed automatic of K5 makes your driving ultra-smooth.

The KIA K5 has a smooth transmission and an impressive way to handle road bumps. You will not feel uncomfortable anymore on the regular bumpy roads or potholes.

Moreover, you can expect seamless handling around the corners with a stress-free braking system. Even if you have to quickly change lanes or take a U-turn on a busy road, this sedan does it effortlessly.

Compared to the Optima, the ride along with K5 is overall a delightful experience, be it on a busy road or the highway.

Intelligent Technology

Packed with tech-savvy attributes, the new KIA K5 comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration as a standard feature. The touchscreen available in the vehicle will let you automatically mirror these apps.

Few models even have a wireless charging setup wherein you need no cord to connect to your car.

Also, its unique curve technology is something you should not miss. K5’s navigation system can detect bends or curves in the road seamlessly. So, if you take an abrupt turn or arc on the street, the car can automatically lower the speed for a smooth turn.

Here are a few noteworthy features you can expect from the new KIA K5 on higher trims.

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert: In this technology, the vehicle warns you if there is a car behind while you reverse.
  • Rear Automatic Brakes: Automatic brakes detect any obstacle behind your vehicle that can cause a collision.
  • Cruise Control: It can sense the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in the front to maintain an optimal length.

Ample Trunk Space

KIA K5 has an exceptional trunk space wherein you can load all your baggage with ease. The maximum capacity offered by this sedan is 16 cubic feet which is a decent size compared to other models.

The wide opening of the cargo makes it easy to load your luggage and plenty of space to accommodate any bulky objects.


KIA K5, with its outstanding tech features and brilliant design, makes it a desirable buy for all sedan lovers.

Its excellent GT model version has replaced the old Optima and is redefining the driving experience for its customers.

Hence, by weighing the different aspects of the car and your expectations, you can finally decide whether to buy or not.