The view is a word that appears with a fairly dense frequency nowadays. Especially for young people who are often online on forums, social networks, youtube, or websites… So what is a view website, and you have understood about view as well as the role and benefits that view website brings? in the current digital age or not.

Please refer to the content below to understand more about the view website!

View website means “view” which young people today often call views and can also be called visits.

View only the number of users to view your website, a website will have many subpages (called articles). Each such view counts as one view (1 view). If a user has viewed the page once, then hits reload or goes back to the page and reads it again, it still counts as 1 view.

The view website is different from the time-on-site on the website, just one click on the link, and the browser pops up the website to count 1 view. Even if the visitor visits the website for 1, 2 seconds and then exits, it is still considered a view, or even if you stay on the site for an hour or a few hours, it is only counted as a view.

Views or visits are one of the factors for Google to evaluate a website. Simply when a website has attractive content, it will have a high number of views and vice versa. Of course, in addition to views, google also evaluates based on other factors such as time on site (time on site), bounce rate, and the return rate to be able to accurately evaluate that website. if it is useful and provides the right information for visitors, then the website will rank higher when users type related search keywords.

view website is divided into 2 types:

  • Direct views (or visits): As users who know your website, they will type directly into google or something like a certain search engine on your web, then enter and go directly to your website to get the information they need.
  • Indirect views (or visits): That is, people can go to your website through a certain link on the web. For example, Users search on google the keyword what is view?. And they will click on the link to that article.

After understanding what the view is, as well as the role of the view. So how to increase views (views)? We invite you to continue reading the following:

There are many ways to increase views, but currently, there are 3 main and most effective ways to do it: using tools, introducing links, and writing attractive and useful content.

Method 1: Use tools to increase views

This way is not recommended for you to use, because today’s search engines in general and Google, in particular, are very smart. They know well what source that view comes from, natural or not, and if you insist on doing it, you have to accept the risk that the penalty will always be ahead.

Some tools to increase views such as Traffic4seo, hitleap, …

Method 2: Referral link

You can link with other website owners with the same content, then place banners or write articles with related content and wait for views to return.

There are also some ways to get valid traffic, but for a fee: That is, you will use Google or Facebook advertising programs like Google Adwords or Facebook ads to earn more views.

Method 3: Build content, promote, share on social networking sites

This way will create a stable view but requires you to spend a lot of time investing in website interface, content, and images. A website with rich, interesting, and attractive content will surely attract users. 

This method, however, takes more time than the above two methods in increasing views. But the effectiveness, value, and lasting benefits are undeniable.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help everyone understand what a view is, the characteristics of the view and from there we can orient the appropriate ways to increase the view (views) for our website.