Selecting the best car insurer is a very tedious task these days that there are too many insurance companies claiming to be superior and efficient. Day by day, people encounter different problems because some insurers stiffen policies to make sure car owners are deprived of their rights.

From industries to small business, different guidelines are placed on car insuring making it very hard for insurance buyers to either get their problem solved or dispossessed of their rights.

The above may not hold for all insurers. However, many insurance companies go about with policies that are very hard to obey.

In case you are also suffering from the slaps of stiff insurance policies, you are not the only person affected. Many people complain of this.

In this wise, below are some factors you have to consider before accepting to use a specific insurer:

#1. Tenable Policies

Not all insurance policies are ok for insurance buyers. Always check policies that favour you, make sure there are no buts that may affect you in the nearest future.

In my discussion with those at the helms of Compareemcasa on how they rate and compare car insurance companies, I realised that how policies of insurance companies affect customers is one of what they use in rating and placing one insurer above another.

In essence, you need to check policies and make sure they are what you can stomach. If not, test another car insurance firm.

#2. Cost

Cost is another thing you need to look into. Not all car insurance companies consider the middle class. Some are created to satisfy big business. If you are a small firm, it is not advisable to subscribe to such insurance companies. They will not consider your type.

#3. Customer Centricity

Insurance companies are more customer-centric than others are. While some will delay you for months before validating your claims, other will answer you in days. To determine how customer friendly an insurance company is, you need to check reviews and get information from those who have patronised the insurer.

In the same line, I also suggest that car insurance buyers should check reviews to understand some hidden policies that are way too wrong to be accepted. With this, it would be easy to remove the wheat from the chaff among the insurance companies.

#4 Other Factors To Be Considered

Although there are other factors to be considered while choosing car insurance companies, the ones stated above are enough to determine which one to choose among the insurers. Marianne Bonner, an insurance consultant, recommends that “when assessing quotes (insurance policies) be sure you are comparing “apples to apples.” She advises that factors which “includes the rates charged, the limits provided, the scope of coverage included, and discounts provided by the insurer” are to be considered in choosing the right insurance company.


Picking a car insurance company may not be easy this time that many insurers exist. Meanwhile using the above as yardstick, be rest assured of choosing the right insurer.