Certain levels of temperature ensure food items and ingredients stay fresh for long periods of time. A display fridge will let you store products while displaying them to customers, making it an excellent piece of equipment for a food business.

Commonly seen in restaurants, grocery stores, canteens, takeaways, bars, and cafes, a display fridge Brisbane has today offers sufficient storage space with little maintenance. Plus, it makes it easy for your staff members and customers to reach in and grab what they need.

Benefits of Having a Display Fridge in Your Food Business

There are many advantages of having a glass door display fridge in a food business. Here is why it is an excellent investment to make.

Excellent tool for marketing

A new or second-hand display fridge can help with your marketing strategy. The glass panels allow customers a view of what is inside without opening its doors. Plus, customers do not have to walk near the refrigerator to see what’s inside, attracting them from afar.

Your eye-catching food array is all out on display. This means you get more potential customers to purchase your products!

Ease of use

The best second-hand commercial fridges for sale Perth WA has today are beneficial for you and your staff. Refilling these units is relatively easy.

A glass panel door means you don’t need to open the unit to see what is running low in stock. Plus, not opening the door frequently ensures the temperatures inside remain cool, and you can save on power.


Your staff and customers don’t have to keep opening the doors of a display fridge Brisbane suppliers offer just to check what is inside. This promotes an excellent user experience. And when you have hundreds of customers coming into your store every day, they don’t have to open the door hundreds of times. Again, this helps conserve energy.

Opening the appliance’s door results in cold air loss. The unit then has to work harder to maintain the optimal internal temperature. A glass door prevents people from opening the unit, again and again, reducing your business’s overall energy consumption.

Better organisation

Glass panels motivate your employees to keep content organised for aesthetic purposes. This may sound like more work, but it is a tremendous benefit for your customers!

What would a customer think of your business if everything in the fridge is a mess? The panels indirectly help ensure everything in the unit is organised, making everything pleasing to the eye and easily accessible.

Different Types of Display Fridge Available Today

A rent to buy fridge freezer is an excellent investment to make. But what type should you get? Here are the different options available on the market today.

Grab-and-go unit

This is suitable for packed drinks and goods, with multiple decks to handle different product shapes. Typically, it has a sophisticated air curtain system that recycles cold air and usually opens at the front end so it will be easier to take items.

Cake fridge

Usually found in patisseries and cake shops, this type of fridge has full glass surrounds for easy viewing of products from any angle.

Drinks fridge

The glass door models are popularly used for stocking up and chilling drinks. These units come in various configurations depending on the product they will hold. These include:

  • Bar fridge
  • Commercial beer fridge
  • Commercial wine cooler

Display freezer

You can buy freezer units if you offer customers delicacies, such as lollies or ice creams, for the hot summer day. Available as ice cream counters, upright display freezers, or display chest freezers, they come in various designs for keeping your frozen items palatable and on display.

Realise Commercial Success with the Right Display Fridge

Display refrigerators have a critical role to play in a food business set-up. If you would like to find the best unit for your establishment, get in touch with reputable display fridge Brisbane suppliers today. These companies have different display fridge units offered through an array of financing options, so you will have something suited to your requirements.

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