Change is the reality of everything, for say, today you might like something extremely but in the future, you might not like that anymore. The only thing that you can do is you can make a change and there lies the easiness in which you can make the changes. Social is a weapon for every person who has access to the internet. Social media is not only used for entertainment purposes anymore. It is now a weapon for the normal public who whenever they wish to share their opinion use the social media platform to raise their views and ideas.

People often handle two user ID’s of different names, maybe one for their personal account and the other one for their opinionated writings. There might be any other underlying reason for people to use a social media platform. The most common question everyone has is how to Change Snapchat Username. Snapchat is not as famous or as widely used as Facebook or Instagram is used.

Often at times, it becomes a necessity to snapchat username change and since this app has been able to overtake the traffic of Facebook and Instagram. Hence it is a necessary step that must be taken to edit snapchat username.

Steps to Change Snapchat User Names

There are preferably two smart ways to change username in snapchat. These two processes have been proposed by the experts as the best ways to change the Instagram identity.

Here we will discuss how will you be able to change your username without wasting much time and easily. The two ways of changing username are the following:

You can change your display name

You can delete your old account and make a new account with a new profile name

Changing Display Name in Snapchat

If you go to the settings option in Snapchat, you see the profile icon. If you still fail to figure out the option then look on the top right corner of the screen. See the picture you have, tap on the gear option.

Edit your name in your Snapchat profile, your networks will be able to see your new name.

When you click on the Settings option, you would be able to see your username there. There is no need to tap on the title because that will be of no use now so all you can do is just change the user name.

Tap the name icon

Change your first name

Change your second and middle name

Confirm all the changes that you made on your profile

Once you save your new display name, the new name will be visible to you and also to your networks easily.

Create a New Account

The easiest and the quickest way is by making a new username is by creating a new account. With the lack of many of the convenient options in Snapchat, you can create a new Snapchat account from scratch and use your favorite user name for this account.

You will have to know the exact method in which you can create a new account. Be sure that this account will be new in all means, that is you will not be able to carry any item or document of your old site to this account. Everything will be new and fresh and consider yourself a first time user. The account that you will create this time will be unique and then you can start feeding it with all news feeds and information and continue doing your new activities.

But you must keep in mind if you want to make a new account, you will have to sign out of the old account. You will have to delete the old account and then click on your sign up button the second time you open another account.  Once you tap on the signup, you will be automatically redirected to pages that will help you customize your own Snapchat account like you want to.

The whole process of making a new username includes the entire procedure which you had used for the first time when you set up Snapchat. You just repeated the same steps in the new one.


Snapchat is widely used and liked by all the young generation kids. It is very easy to use once you know how to use it. Now, of course, you will be able to change your username easily, following either of the procedures that have been mentioned above. If you have followed the above-mentioned options very carefully then you will be able to change your user name into something new and trendy and use your account. It is high time to say no to Facebook and Instagram social media . Now get into Snapchat and use this app to get all the fun.