Fashion trends have been changing since mankind has developed awareness about styles and taste. Before that people only did what they knew. These growing fashion trends have affected every part of the fashion industry; even the accessories that are worn touched by the change.  These fashion trends have created a great impact on the lives of men and women alike.

Unisex Style Watches

Like all fashion genre, the styles and trends of wristwatches are also significantly changed. Nowadays a brand new category has been introduced in the search option of Buy online watches in Pakistan and that is unisex watches. The term comes from the understanding that there are items that can be used by men and women. These watches can be worn by both men and women.

Buy online watches in Pakistan

Even in Pakistan, these watches are being introduced. But do you know why they are called by this name? There are many factors contributing to this and why it is becoming popular that people are buying it online. The colors, style, design, size and accessories in it make it appealing to both genders.

Reasons for Women wearing men’s Watches

It is true that some women adore men’s watches and prefer wearing them. But before you rush into making such a decision; you have to be that the watch you want to buy is worth the money you are investing or not. You have to know whether it is comfortable and suited for your wrist or not.

Here below are the 10 specific reasons for women wearing the watch that are meant for men only.

Symbol of Great Status

Men’s watches are complicated and unique in design and for that reason they are expensive. It is a general view that the things that are expensive can be bought by rich and high society people. This gives an impression of a great status symbol and women want to wear it to be a part of that status.

Adds Variation to their Style

The general public likes when there is a variation in what they see; so when they see something contrasting they admire it. When ladies wear a man’s watch it adds variety to their style and at the same time, it is totally the opposite of what they actually are. The feminine side is replaced with a sporty and masculine look.

The Design and Features are Unique

The features in the men’s watches and their designs are unique and distinct. You can find these watches on any online websites like Sveston Watches to mention one. There you will find watches that include a stopwatch, compass and other dials to measure various things. But female watches are simple so to make themselves different they wear male style watches.

Fascination with the Movement

As the men’s watches include many features; they have to be perfect in their movement. Most of the watches are quartz-powered but there are other luxury watches that run manually or through the automatic mechanism. So many women prefer to have a watch that has hassle-free working mechanism and goes on and on.

Collectable Value is more

The resale value of the men’s watches is more because they have a complicated system of parts and gears. If you really want that the watch you buy has a more collectable value even after 2 to 4 years then you can consider chronograph, luxury or premium collection watches. These watches can be sold at the same price as you bought.

Setting a Different Trend

The people who are trendsetters always find something rare and peculiar to do. When ladies choose to wear neutral color watches with big dials and broader straps then that makes them unique. Statement makers don’t care about the opinion of the general public; they just do what their heart’s desire.

Flexibility of Choice

There are no specific types of watches for females to wear when they are doing sports, exercising or going outdoors. Their choice is limited to a few wristwatches. This is another reason why women are attracted to buy men’s watch. They can have the flexibility of choices. They can select from a wide range of sports watch to causal and luxury ones.

Longer Lasting and Sturdier

The wrist watches collection of men have several varieties and many of these watches have to be roughly used. So the mechanism and various parts of the watch must be durable and sturdier. The warranty they have is more than the female watches because the women’s watches don’t have to face extreme conditions.

Preference for Bigger Watches

Today women are more and more desiring for a big watch with broader straps and bigger dials. The reason behind it is that the numbers and the time are in large numerals making it easy for the wearer and others to read.

Sharing is Caring

When you buy online watches in Pakistan and especially you select a male watch; you can have an important benefit that both men and women can wear it. You can share it with your partner which increases the good relationship between the two.