Do you know that in the USA alone that 40 million adults suffer from an anxiety disorder? That means that 18.1% of the USA population need to take anxiety medication. Recently there has been a great deal of light focused on mental illness. While there is much mental illness affecting different individuals in the world, anxiety is leading the pack.

Chances are you have heard of anxiety disorders, or you have come across individuals taking anxiety medication to deal with the illness. We all experience anxiety. For some of us, we have developed a great stress management system, in that even though we can feel anxious in stressful times we have a better handle of the situation. However, some of us, do not have a proper or working stress management system. In such cases taking anxiety, medication is probably the best course of action. How well you structure your stress management, will ultimately determine whether you need anxiety medication.

Before we move further into the blog we need to understand what is an anxiety disorder? Anxiety disorder refers to a mental illness where one is overcome with fear and distress. This overwhelming feeling makes the individual have problems in carrying out his/ her daily duties. For such individuals, they are usually on anxiety medication to help them cope with the mental health.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

So how does one know he/ she is suffering from an anxiety disorder? Like any form of illness, anxiety disorder comes with its set of signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms include:

  • An individual has an overwhelming feeling of fear or distress
  • The individual is jumpy or restless.
  • The individual is overwhelmed with tense
  • Irritability
  • Individual always think and anticipates the worst from any situation
  • The individual suffers from panic attacks
  • The individual suffers from shortness of breath and racing heart
  • The individual suffers from headaches and migraines
  • Individuals feel fatigued a lot
  • Inability to sleep / suffers from insomnia
  • The individual has difficulties keeping his feelings in check
  • The individual finds it difficult to focus.

What are the common causes of anxiety disorder?

Did you know that King George VI suffered from an anxiety disorder? If you have watched the King’s Speech which is based on the life of George VI you will notice that the King suffered from a stutter and also suffered from an anxiety disorder. His anxiety disorder and stutter made it difficult for the king to give out speeches in public. So what are the causes of anxiety disorder?

A lot of parents when their doctors tell them that their kids will need anxiety medication, most of them tend to think it is their fault. However, that is far from the truth. Anxiety disorder is caused by genetic and environmental factors. When it comes to genetics there is nothing anyone can do as certain genetics make it easier for some people to develop an anxiety disorder.

When it comes to environmental factors some of the things are in our control. For instance, traumatic events such as child abuse, death, illness, or mistreatment can lead to lead to anxiety disorder. For environmental factors setting a conducive environment and providing a stress management system will go along way in protecting anyone from suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Disorder Types

Did you that anxiety disorder is just a broad name for several mental illnesses. Before you even think of taking anxiety medication it is best to understand which type of anxiety disorder one is suffering. Here are some of the different types of anxiety disorders.

  • GAD(Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

Did you that there some people who worry about how to carry out their daily tasks? For people suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder dealing with daily tasks is tough and spend most of their time worrying about their tasks. At the end of the day, these people suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder tend to feel exhausted and suffer frequently from nausea and headaches.

  • Medicine induced anxiety disorder

 Did you know that some drugs can lead to one suffering from an anxiety disorder? Drugs such as alcohol, toxins, and metals can lead to medicine-induced anxiety disorder. It is common with addicts

  • Panic disorder

 Have you ever had a panic attack? For people who have experienced panic attacks it mostly a situation where you are suddenly overwhelmed with terror. For people suffering from panic disorder have this feeling of being overwhelmed with terror is common. Only after proper panic attack treatment does these people live a normal life. During panic attacks, the individuals tend to have breath shortness, heart racing, stomach upset, and dizziness. It can be horrifying especially if you do experience it.

  • Social anxiety disorder

Do you fear taking part in social events? Do you sometimes withdraw from such social events? While out with your friends do you sometimes go all silent during a conversation? If that is a yes in all cases, then chances are you may be suffering from a social anxiety disorder. It is so common and most people tend to think that people suffering from social anxiety disorder are introverts. Apart from all that individuals suffering from social anxiety disorder tend to have frequent panic attacks. For them discovering a proper panic attack management system does help them when in public.

  • Agoraphobia

Have you ever heard of agoraphobia? Or this word is Greek to your ears. If you have had several panic attacks chances are you will likely develop agoraphobia. Individuals dealing with agoraphobia tend to avoid circumstances and places that can lead to them having panic attacks. For instance, social events, small spaces, or embarrassing situations.


After reading the above article do you have a proper understanding of anxiety disorder? For people suffering having anxiety medication will greatly help them. Also, having both stress management and panic attack treatment system can help them to remain in control. In case you know someone or have loved suffering from an anxiety disorder, always make sure to check upon them. Also, go the extra mile of understanding which anxiety disorder is suffering. Learn what are the best anxiety disorder medications for his conditions and also reassure them that everything is fine with them.