Postcards are an effective and economical advertising tool for various forms of businesses. These are ideal when marketing an event, sharing good news, or reminding customers about forthcoming deals. Using postcards eliminates the cost of postage stamps. Postcards come ready for mailing making them very cost-effective.

The best thing about using postcards is cutting advertising costs without compromising their quality. A good idea is to opt for lenticular printing for postcards with immense visual appeal. This will allow you to get postcards that stand out in the market. Read on below to discover how to get postcards that convert without spending a fortune.

Find a professional service provider

You have to find a professional service provider for quality postcards within your budget. The ideal company will devote appropriate time to create postcards that will work to give you good value for money. Opting for novice service providers only leads to postcards that look cheap and won’t give you the results you seek. A professional and experienced printing agency will have the right equipment, expertise, designers, and materials to produce postcards to highlight your brand.

Effective lenticular postcard printing

For portable advertising material for showing to people easily, opt for lenticular postcards printing. You will get 3D postcards that people can carry around easily with an option to show them to other people. Apart from being portable, postcards are a cost-effective marketing material when using various images.

Sets of your postcards can be given to people or children in groups. Perhaps each set can be divided among the group with everyone taking their favorite postcard. People can even switch the cards with those of others in the group. The 3D postcards can also be placed in small frames for displaying as small pieces of art or on a narrow wall.

Options for lenticular printing effects

During the design process, you have to select an appropriate effect for your postcards. The design team will help you choose from the options available. The flip effect is popular and basic. This has a lens flipping an image to another through a quick turn of the wrist. Postcards with a flip effect are affordable and usually have two images. For those who want about 12 frames, opt for the postcards with an animation effect. All the frames have fluidity and continuity.

To create postcards that convert more effectively, opt for the 3D effect. This requires creating actual 3D depth on the postcards that viewers can see without using 3D glasses. Postcards with a zoom effect are also possible with images leaping out at the viewer in stunning 3D. For a more detailed flip effect opt for a morph effect where an image transforms into another.

Expectations from lenticular postcards

Custom printed 3D postcards have images move and change when viewed from various angles. This is a great way to make your postcard stand out for direct mail marketing. These come with colorful and visually appealing designs that stick in the minds of customers. The printing company will include your business message and logo. This is backed by various motion effects to give your clients a unique experience. With 3D lenticular postcards, look forward to effective direct mailing and more conversions when handing out your cards at tradeshows.

Offset vs. digital lenticular printing

When selecting a printing company, you have to mind about the technology they use. Equally important is to understand the best lenticular printing options to allow selecting one best suited for your requirements. Offset printing is a mechanical process with ink applied in layers using layers. These maintain particular ink for passing over the paper to create multiple layers of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) color on passing by the press. Each roller works individually and has a particular task in the press. A combination of ink forms dots to produce images in full color.

Digital lenticular printing includes fewer steps and there’s no need for a film and plate for rollers. During this process, the ink passes to paper in a single shot using a single head. This allows easy and quick transfer of various images. There is no need for manpower throughout this process. Digital printing  is ideal for all kinds of business and supports all product runs. The method is ideal for smaller jobs while offset is appropriate for huge jobs.

How to lower the cost of printed postcards

After finding a reliable lenticular printing company, printing in bulk is the best way to get more bangs for your buck. The unit price significantly reduces as the total amount in the order increases. You can print a generic postcard design or work with the company design team for a more custom design. Postcards are appropriate for use in different periods throughout the year. You can even have stickers printed with particular dates affixed to your postcard design. This is a great option when having a sale or an event recurring throughout the year.


Using lenticular postcards is a great way to make your marketing material stand out. With this, you make use of various effects to highlight your message and make it stick in the minds of customers.