Did you know that the daily commute to work can actually be contributing to the clear and present danger known as psychological stress? Before you laugh at that one, keep in mind that this finding is based upon a British study published in the journal “Environment and Behaviour”.

Of some 5,200 men and women studied, it was found that those driving 30 or more minutes one way and those traveling more than 60 minutes one way on public transport experience greater risks of psychological stress. When you consider the fact that psychological stress increases our risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases, it’s a pretty serious discovery.

So what can we do about it? Do we resign ourselves to a feeling of having no control because we simply have to get to and from work?

Put simply, no. There are barbiturates treatment and anxiety which can be done to reduce the psychological stress potentially waiting to pounce on us during the daily commute.

Things we can do to avoid stress during the day-to-day commute

Bear in mind all of these solutions are based on the findings the above mentioned British team conducted recently. To avoid stress during your commute to and from work, try these:

Improve your time management skills

 It’s true that traffic jams and rail delays happen, so try and take control by factoring these possibilities when you plan your day. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier, so you can make your way to work earlier. Also, get your lunch and the kids’ lunches ready the night before and have it packed ready for work. Do the same with your clothing and ensure everything is ready to go.

Develop a liking for classical music

You probably love your own musical style, but it’s been found that classical music really relaxes us and lowers stress levels. Discover your love of Bach and Beethoven on your next commute!

See the opportunity for the positive in your commute: The daily commute really can be turned into an opportunity for you to focus on your future and your goals. Do this and get excited about what you can create for your future!

Turn your mobile phone off

Smartphones certainly can be addictive, but they increase our stress levels. Turn the phone off if you can, because trying to read emails and send texts when driving is dangerous.

Don’t forget a snack to relieve stress

Walnuts and other healthy snacks are proven stress relievers. Look for snacks full of essential nutrients, with a particular focus on Vitamin C. Think oranges and even a bottle of lemon juice!

Include omega-3 in your diet

According to an Ohio State University study, regular intakes of omega-3 fatty acids reduce stress by about 20 percent. In addition, they can also counteract the effects of respiratory issues and eye irritation. Fish oil and flaxseed are great sources of omega-3.

Fill your car with stress-relieving aromas

Lavender is a good one! Aromatherapy really does reduce stress levels, so try some lavender in the car today!

Remember to stretch

Incorporate simple stretches while waiting at traffic lights and while sitting on the bus or train. Neck stretches by tilting your ear and holding to your shoulder for ten seconds work wonders – and you can do them anywhere! Increase muscle strength while you do this, and reduce stress as well.

So there you have it! Put these simple tips to the test today…and keep the stress away! If in case these tips do not work then it time to visit a rehabilitation center in California to live a healthy and stressless lifestyle.