Are you worried of lack of followers in your Instagram account or do you lack followers be not dismayed here are tactics used by top marketing agency to grow their Instagram account.

To start your way to success to attract more free Instagram followers you have to adhere to a consistent posting but you have to choose a posting frequency you can hold on but most successful Instagram tend to post more frequently, when comments start arriving on your account try as much as possible to reply to all comments and try to engage with other customers do not like only but also comment and leave a link of your Instagram account thereby creating a back link to your account.

Here Are Top 11 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account

1)Promote with social media: do you own a account in social media such as twitter,Snap chat,IMO,Facebook are great opportunity to grow your Instagram especially”Facebook”.Facebook have thousands of people having account with them out there and most mobile phones support Facebook application,also sharing of your Instagram account on Facebook groups and pages boost your followers on your account.

2)Blogs: blogs is one of the best medium to get followers right into you Instagram account,if are using your Instagram to promote your business you can go for your business niche in blogging,placing of Instagram plugin button in your blog and leaving a comment boxes in your blog account help grow your followers organically

3)Run Giveaways: to attract new followers,giveaways can be another option to grow your Instagram followers account,in this methods you run a campaign to your current followers at the end of the campaign the winner of the gifts,his/her to tag you on their Instagram post thereby enticing other potential followers to subscribe as a follower on your account.

4)Always stick to your niche: niche can be referred as a area where you are passionate for or a area where you specialize on,when someone visits your account likes your portfolio in order to get more of your information’s then clicks your “follow” button .You have to apprehend interest of your followers not yours for EG you post about women’s fashion and your visitors liked it and push the follow button to get more info two days later he/she sees a post of how to write a SEO article he/she will have on option than to dis follow you thereby leading to decrease in followers.

5)Make Your Caption Look Good: Instagram is a visual platform but good caption can take you photo to another level,add good caption like honest or heartfelt weather long or short what matters the most is making a caption that attracts someones attention with a few words.

6)Join or starting a comment pod: in this system you create a comment pod,essentially a group of similar accounts who commit to liking and comment on your photo,lead to a open gates, for speech and others to leave a comment as well and make a way to find serious minded people who can support each in what they’re doing.

7)Introduce of emoji: emoji has gradually become one of the universal method of expression,according to Instagram 50 percent of all caption and comments consist one or two emoji.

8)Video clips: Instagram allows users to upload video of 3-60 seconds in length,in other words from the study of Loco wise ,he discovered that only 10% of post on Instagram are videos,nevertheless videos can also be a powerful tools for brands

9)Following Other On Instagram: Sometimes people say “do to others what you want them to do to you”following other also give trust to visitors that you are not the kind of person that sell their followers to people but while following others mind the people you follow sometimes people who you follow may be a hindrance for the growth of your Instagram followers account.

10)Create a Instagram hashtag strategy: Instagram hashtag are one of powerful tool used by marketing agency and non marketing agency using the right hashtag or combination can facilitate exposure of your brand to large and targeted audiences.Discover the most hashtag used by your audience mostly and post once you find someone,like and comment on those post.You can also use “Later” app to search for Instagram posts,hashtag,users locations and communities on Instagram.

11)Sharing Your Followers Tagged Photos: In this case you have to share your photos where your followers tagged you,doing so increase the goodwill among your followers and some user feel honored when a brand/company mention them in their feed post thereby making them encourage others to follow you.

In the given strategy above i hope you have discover where your are failing that leads to on active followers in your Instagram account but know you will apply this few points above,this can be a stepping for the growth for your Instagram followers account.