The exponential rise of online learning and the shift to the digital world has made online assessments a new reality and a trend that is here to stay. Online assessments are a valuable resource for educational institutions and organisations. It helps streamline taking assessments, making it a hassle-free experience for both the examiner and the examinee.

Pen and paper exams are becoming passé and are either supplemented or replaced by online assessment platforms, thanks to rapid digitisation. Click here to know how an online assessment platform can help you manage the end-to-end examination process seamlessly.

Here’s how an online assessment platform can help you conduct assessments effortlessly and efficiently:

Reduced Administrative Burden

Organisations can significantly reduce their administrative costs that go into printing and circulating the exams on paper. With the move to an online platform, the process of organising and running exams becomes less cumbersome. Plus, it is eco-friendly, and you can be paper-free and eliminate paper records of candidates to create a digital record instead.

Quick Turnaround Time

The task’s enormity is a well-known fact – right from designing, managing, and evaluating assessments; it’s an overly time-consuming process. Switching to an online assessment platform reduces the time and efforts in setting up the questions, inviting students or candidates, overseeing the assessment, and finally evaluating the completely automated results.

Auto-grading System for Fair Evaluation

The proliferation of technology has widened the scope of online assessment platforms to ease the grader’s burden and set a standard grading methodology. With multiple-choice questions becoming the norm of most standardized tests, it makes scoring easy and flawless. Click here to take your assessments to the next level with a simple online assessment platform for all your examination needs.

Easy to Use for all

One of the main benefits of using an online platform is its convenience for the administrator and the candidates. Students can take up exams remotely. Supervisors can remotely oversee the test sessions with great control to deliver a secure and reliable assessment to ensure a fair experience for all.

Get Deep-rooted Analysis

Online assessment platforms facilitate quick and precise reports that can be generated to derive deep insights into the performance of the candidates. This facility will help you provide concise feedback on the areas that they have fared well and the areas where further improvement may be needed.

Cost-effective and Effortless Implementation

Administrators incur numerous hassles considering the human, logistic and administrative costs involved in the traditional examination setting. There is no need for students to gather in large groups to take the test. Online assessment platforms provide greater flexibility to conduct exams at scale with reduced costs and eliminate redundant tasks.

An online assessment platform simulates the typical exam hall experience over the web interface with added benefits that make it a win-win proposition for all. From authoring and delivering assessments to evaluation and analysis, conduct various assessments on a secure examination platform which aims to create a unique experience. To read more about the benefits of online assessment in practice, click here to see some noteworthy features of an effective online assessment solution.