Trees are indeed helpful in many ways, from providing shade on a hot day to cooling the surroundings and housing some creatures. There are times, however, that they become a nuisance or a danger that needs to be removed. Chainsaws can do that very well and conveniently.

There are thus chainsaws across budgets for the different capabilities they have. Budget chainsaw under 200 serve most purposes, such as cutting unwanted branches, chopping firewood, etc. The market is thus filled with models with various features in this category, and studying them closely will get you to make the best choice among them.

Engine/Motor Capacity

Budget chainsaws under 200 are typically of modest engine capacities. They range from 35cc to around 60cc, depending on the manufacturer. The engine capacity indicates the power delivery of the chainsaw. There are also electric ones now with equivalent motor capacities.

Your chainsaw must get the work done fast while consuming the least amount of fuel. Choose the capacity based on the type and common size of wood used. 35cc-45cc is recommended for casual users, 45-55cc for semi-professionals, and 55cc+ for professionals.

Bar Length

Bar lengths vary vastly depending on your choice of task. However, it is recommended for the length to be proportional to the power of the machine. Otherwise, it could be over or underpowered. It’s also recommended to have the length be at least an inch or two longer than 70% to 80% of the tree’s diameter. Standard lengths for low powered chainsaws are 16″ to 18’’.

Power Source

The most common type of fuel is gasoline/petrol, as it burns lean and quick while delivering good power needed for the chainsaw. Electric ones use either batteries or a direct connection to the power supply, or both. Some chainsaws also run in CNG/LPG or can be kitted to use both gasoline and gas.

Operational and Maintenance Costs

The efficiency of the engine decides how economical your chainsaw will be. Lower capacities use less fuel, so they save on money. Electric ones are incredibly cheap to run due to the low cost of electricity compared to gasoline.

It takes more to maintain a gasoline engine as it requires constant servicing, much like car engines. It needs to be serviced regularly to prevent failures and poor operability, some of which can cause serious harm and property damage. Electric ones are relatively maintenance-free, except for battery replacement.

Some might have additional features like auto chain oiling system and chain tightening, reducing wear and tear of the chain, and saving on maintenance.


Budget chainsaws can be heavy as well, though they might be small in size. Prolonged usage can lead to strain on limbs or even injury. Thus the shape of the tool has to ease the handling. It must be easy to lift and maneuver around.

It should help resist kickbacks that happen when cutting hardwood. Some have vibration dampeners for this. Soft padding can be had on the handles for extra comfort. The weight balance must also be right to reduce the extra load in one direction.

A budget chainsaw under 200 will fulfill all your cutting needs while being economical, efficient, and easy to handle, all while keeping you safe.