Your business is growing, but your workspace isn’t? If your office or warehouse feels congested or constrained, you need not move to another bigger premises or opt for extensive layout changes to increase the existing workspace. Instead, consider including a mezzanine floor.

What is the Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor is an elevated platform that maximises the use of the vertical space between the floor and ceiling of a building. Simply put, it acts as a partial floor to accommodate more office space. Click here to know more about the benefits of Mezzanine floors for your workplace.

Due to their flexible and affordable nature, mezzanine floors have transformed the conventional block and beam solution to construct office blocks within your current premises. Your workplace can easily and economically be extended to suit your office growth needs.

Here’s how adding a mezzanine floor can add functionality to your growing business:

Handling of Materials

In large premises, it’s important to make the best use of available space. One of the most commonly overlooked areas that can be easily converted and adapted for use is right above your heads. The addition of a multi-layered mezzanine floor can accommodate the space required for storing and handling materials in your workplace.

For instance, you can consider accommodating a conveyor system with other floors used as a space for storing, managing and dispatching products. Mezzanines made of durable and solid structural steel can comfortably withstand heavier loads. To know more about the construction and installation of mezzanines, click here.

Warehousing and Distribution

Typically warehouses and distribution businesses have hectic times in the year when high-demand can make a well-run depot turn chaotic. This is why it’s important to stay organised and utilise vertical space to store more stock.

 A properly designed Mezzanine flooring can make way for quick additional space that can double up as storage to expand your warehouse’s capacity. Without the need for expensive expansions or purchase/rental of a new property, give a quick make-over to your current premises.

Meeting and Break-out Rooms

It’s important to create a first impression on your clients. Instead of conducting meetings in cafés or hotels, consider including a mezzanine to make way for meeting rooms in your own premises. You can set up client meets within your official premises and your clients can have a good view of the operations. Besides, they can also serve as break-out areas for your staff who want a dedicated nook to hang out, unwind, chit-chat and get back to work.

Production and Assembly Lines

When you try to accommodate an entire production or assembly line, perhaps for a new product, you don’t have to construct an entirely new structure. Simply add a heavy-duty structural layer in your space. Moreover, mezzanines can also be added as walkways that follow the entire length of the production line to enable workers to maneuver with minimal disruption of working staff in the lines.

The above are just a few applications of mezzanine flooring that can add more utility to your workspace. No matter what your needs are, mezzanine offers a flexible solution that can be aligned to match your specific workspace extension requirements. Click here to explore some mezzanine floor designs and layout to assess whether they are perfect for your space.