Online shipping auctions work just like any other auctioning platform. It is an enormous platform which brings shippers and carriers to a common marketplace. While the shippers place their requirements, the carriers seek out the opportunities and bid for the transportation job. If any of the bids gets selected, then the particular carrier is given the delivery task. It is more or less like eBay. No matter you are a trucker, fleet owner, freight broker or a shipper, the shipping auction platform is for all. While as a shipper, you can place your transportation needs here, as a carrier, you get the opportunity to find feasible truck loads for you.

So, when a carrier comes to look for a load to haul, he needs to bid on it.

If your bid is the best, it will be selected by the shipper. When both the parties reach at an agreement about the price, then the deal is sanctioned. However, in order to bid, both the shipper and carrier have to sign up on a load board.  Registration for shipper is needed to mention their shipment requirement and for truckers so that they can maintain a presence online and gain better credibility. It is also essential to track items and keep up with the bids and know the winnings. The load board is a massive database for shippers and truckers to find loads and transportation facilities at a common place.

The bids you place are notified to the shippers via mail. They can even personally reply you in mail and once you win the bid, it is flashed on the load board. The best thing is that you can bid more than once till the time you think you can lower the rate. What makes shipping auctioning platform a great option is that it doesn’t allow exploitation of the shipper or carrier. While it doesn’t allow the carriers to overcharge the shippers, it also prevents the shippers from paying less to the carriers. Thus it is a fair pay system and the invoices are also cleared in the shortest time possible.

If you try bidding for a particular load, then make sure it is according to your preferred route or region. The load boards give you the facility to filter according to your preference so that you find the best loads for you. They facilitate several payment options such as credit card, debit card, cash on delivery or online payment options. With so many shipping auction platforms around, it gets tough for you to find the one suitable for you.

Shiply is a remarkable load board for you that offer you free sign up and no monthly subscription fee. It is a platform that helps shippers and carriers to be build long-lasting relationship and come to an agreement for their common needs. So without wasting any time, just register here and try bidding by filtering your preferred load, region or route. You can also set up alerts to notify you about the loads you prefer.