This is an article that shows you how to chat on Tinder – a dating app that helps people who like to match up.

Tips for chatting

1. Choose a beautiful avatar:

Your avatar helps you show off your looks and personality. So choose the photo that best represents who you are. This also applies to other subjects – viewing other people’s avatars can tell a lot. It may be the effort they put into creating their profile and how serious they are in finding a target.

  • For more information on building Tinder profiles, check out this tutorial .
Specialist in Marriage and Love

Be careful when choosing photos, especially when you are female. Lisa Shield – The expert on love and relationships said: “A lot of women choose photos that are revealing and with profiles of many photos of drinking partying with other girls. Some “hunter” guys will see the pictures and they think you are easygoing, so they text you every morning with things like ‘Hello beautiful’ and ‘I’m thinking of you’. Women love to be noticed like that, so this is a very effective tactic for men.

2. Couple with a few people:

You can only chat with your paired Tinder users. To match up, you need to “Like” some profiles. When you first use Tinder, your profile will show up first on a list of potential audiences in the same area. Swipe the screen right to “Like” an object or swipe left to decline.

  • To match up, you and the other person must both “Like” each other’s profiles.

3. Start chatting:

After pairing, you can chat with your target. First, open the Tinder menu and choose Messages. The next step, you touch the photo of the person you want to chat with and you can immediately compose the first message.

  • Many people recommend that you wait at least a day before you start chatting. This will help you avoid being seen as a bullshit.

4. Create an atmosphere for the conversation:

The way to start a conversation with one person is to give the whole conversation an atmosphere. Surely you want to stimulate their interest so that they get to know you better. However, you shouldn’t start out too strongly. By being too aggressive, you will frighten them. On the contrary, you shouldn’t be too soft to avoid making them feel bored. Talking about common interests is a good place to start, helping to initiate deeper conversations.

  • Don’t start with “Hi” or “Hi”. Instead, comment on something in the other person’s profile or something in their photo.

5. Avoid asking embarrassing questions:

Here are some basic questions that you should avoid asking new partners or newcomers:

  • Do not ask “Are you fat?”. If you don’t want to hear an honest answer, don’t ask. Weight is a sensitive topic. Hearing answers you don’t want to hear can offend you and start arguing about something that can be easily avoided in the first place.
  • Don’t ask about your ex’s relationship. Asking about dating in the past when you first knew it can be misinterpreted as nosy. Let your ex get to know you before asking extremely personal questions.
  • Don’t ask about future pairing. When you ask this question too early, you will bring the heavy assumption that you will become the perfect couple. Asking about marriage and children when they first meet someone will scare them.
  • Don’t ask questions that satisfy your ego. Asking questions that make the person feel awkward can be overwhelming. For example:
    • “If I fell into a sea with sharks, would you jump in and save me?”
    • “If given 1 billion US dollars to leave me, would you receive this money?”

6. Be natural and be yourself:

Ask a question you think you want to be asked. Also, don’t forget to talk like the person is standing in front of you. Avoid being obvious but instead try to get to know the object skillfully.

  • Look at the interests and interests they list on their profile to see if you have something in common.
  • You need to be interesting. Tinder is a form of quick dating and boring messages will be ignored. Use conversation to show creativity and a sense of humor; As such, you might become different from other users in your region.

7. See that person as soon as possible:

Again, Tinder is an express dating service. To make an impression with each other, you need time to meet face to face. Tinder is a great place to initiate contacts, but you still need to invest more time in those contacts.

  • Some questions you might say are, “Would you like to ask me these questions when we meet?” or “Let’s see each other this weekend”. This will help you move on to the meeting step.

Chat on Tinder

1. Open the Tinder app with the orange red flame icon.

  • You must download and install the Tinder app on your device to start chatting.

2.. Tap the “Chat” icon: It’s the icon of chat frame overlap in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Touch the paired object: Select the avatar of the paired person you want to chat with.

  • New matchers – people you haven’t spoken to – usually show up at the top of the screen in the “New Matches” section.
  • In-progress conversations appear below the “Messages” section.
  • You can only chat and text the paired person.

4. Tap Type a Message… in the field below the screen.

5. Compose messages using the device’s keyboard.

  • Tap the GIF button to the left of the message compose field to send an animation.

6. Tap Send to the right of the message compose field.

  • When the paired object replies or sends a message (or when you have a new match), you’ll see a red dot at the Chat icon on the Tinder homepage.

7. Set up notifications: Let Tinder know how you’d like to be notified of a new message:

  • Tap the gray shadow icon in the upper left corner of the Tinder homepage.
  • Tap SETTINGS in the center of the right-hand screen.
  • Scroll down and push the Messages slider to the red “On” position.
  • Tap Done in the upper-right corner of the screen. As such, you will be notified when there are new messages even when you do not open the Tinder application.