SCP organization and decoding about SCP organization



INTRODUCTION — SCP Organization (Special Containment Procedures or Secure, Contain, Protect) (Special Containment Procedures) or stands for the top 3 of the organization’s top criteria: SECURE, CONTAIN, PROTECT (Confidential, Storage and protect). is an information page about reports related to supernatural phenomena. This site allows users around the world to submit reports and documents about entities known as SCPs, which are considered scientifically anomalous and pose a significant danger to health and SCP Foundation – An organization that “stands in the dark to fight, contain, store, and cover THEM – things that humans cannot understand from the curious eyes of the community, to humankind lives a peaceful and healthy life. “SCP Foundation – A place to store 2999 strange and mysterious objects,

In space, SCP is an organization with a dark past. Created by order of 13 O5, the organization brings together many doctors, researchers and agents, the goal is to understand and classify supernatural objects. D-class personnel, selected from death row inmates, are experimental objects of nearly every aspect. Organizations sometimes collaborate with other groups, like the Global Occult Alliance or the Church. Foundation for containment and control of SCPs.


Objects can be divided into 3 types:

  •  SAFE: Subjects have known, can ignore or do no harm.
  • EUCLID: Subjects that are not well understood, can cause harm in a certain area, need to be monitored.
  •  KETER: These objects are particularly dangerous, need to be captured or destroyed, monitored closely 24/7. The reports will describe who and how to prevent them. Some SCPs also include audio recordings, audio recordings, interview transcripts, test logs, and several versions based on subject’s presence.


Q: Is SCP real? 

  • A: No. We are just a community creation site .— 

Q: What is the Foundation? 

  • A: We are the last security stronghold of a world where the laws of nature are slowly being broken down. We exist to protect humans from things that move in the dark, or those who carry powers beyond human understanding. We are here to make the world safer. We are the holders of the wonders, the makers of your dreams. We are the reason the world still lives in peace. In short we are a composing site where everyone dedicates themselves to creepypasta horror.

 Q: What does SCP mean? 

  • A: Special Containment Procedures – Special Containment Procedures or top Organization motto: SECURE, CONTAIN, PROTECT – Confidential, Retention, Protect .— 

Q: How long ago was the Foundation website launched?

  •  A: Basically the first SCP report, SCP-173 was written in 2007, the forerunner of this wiki page (on created in early 2008, then relocated to Wikidot mid-year. .— 

Q: What are the sections [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] appearing in the reports?

  •  A: Those details were hidden to make the post more intimidating. Most SCP writers knew what was behind those passages, but they did not reveal them. Goosebumps will get worse if you have to imagine those details for yourself. 

Q: Why does the Foundation that holds these SCPs do? Why not destroy them? 

  • A: Well, if you remember our principle, it’s Confidential, Retention, Protect, not Destroy, Destroy, and Destroy. The majority of SCPs and those held by the Foundation are for research purposes, unlike death row inmates waiting for execution. Why erase something when you have the resources to explore how it works? (And if we destroy them, there’s probably a website left for you to follow, right) — 

Q: Are these all FAQs? 

  • A: Of course not, this FAQ was translated from the SCP website. We will update further if you have more questions below this post Here is the first list of 99 SCPs, which will be updated next time. Are you interested in reading these SCP names?


[From 001-099] —————- 

SCP-001 – [EXTREMELY] awaiting removal of the ban

 SCP-002 – “Living” Room

 SCP-003 – Biological Board 

SCP-004 – Door and 12 Broken Keys

 SCP -005 – Bone Key

SCP-006 – Thanh Xuan Stream

SCP-007 – Abdominal Crystal

SCP-008 – Zombie Translation

SCP-009 – Blood Ice

SCP-010 – Control Belt

SCP-011 – Civil War Memorial Know A i

SCP-012 – Bad Work

SCP-013 – Blue Lady Cigarette

SCP-014 – Mr. Concrete

SCP-015 – Nightmare in the Tube

SCP-016 – Living Microorganisms

SCP-017 – Shadow Man

SCP-018 – Super Shadow

SCP-019 – Hu handles and t

SCP-020 – Invisible Mold

SCP-021 – Parasitic Tattoo

SCP-022 – The Morgue

SCP-023 – “Black Shell” Dog

SCP-024 – Game Show of Death

SCP-025 – Parrot Worn Cabinet

SCP-026 – After School Detention

SCP-027 – Rat King

SCP-028 – Knowledge

SCP-029 – Dark Girl

SCP-030 – Dwarf Devil

SCP-031 – What Is Love?

SCP-032 – Titania Prison

SCP-033 – The Lost Number

SCP-034 – The Opsidian Dagger

SCP-035 – Dark Mask

SCP-036 – Yazidi’s Reincarnation Pilgrimage (Kiras Guhorîn)

SCP-037 – Dwarf Star

SCP-038 – Tree of Things

SCP-039 – The Nosepiece Engineers

SCP-040 – Child of Evolution

SCP-041 – Patient Airtime Italy Ngh loudly

SCP-042 – Horse With Every Wing

SCP-043 – “The Beatle”

SCP-044 – World War II Molecular Scorpion Cannon

SCP-045 – Atmospheric Transformer

SCP-046 – Saplings of “Wild Beasts”

SCP-047 – Mutant Agent Bacteria

SCP-048 – Cursed SCP Number

SCP-049 – Doctor of Infectious Diseases

SCP-050 – “Towards the Earth Star”

SCP-051 – Japanese Obstetrician Specimen

SCP-052 – Time Travel Ship

SCP-053 – Young Woman SCP-054 – Fairy of Water


SCP-056 – A Beautiful Person

SCP-057 – Daily Work

SCP-058 – Dark Heart

SCP-059 – Radioactive Mineral

SCP-060 – Comedy From Hell

CP-061 – Mental Control Through the Ear

SCP-062 – Computer “Quantum 

SCP-063 – “The Best Toothbrush on Earth”

SCP-064 – Defective Von Neumann Structure

SCP-065 – Destroyed Organic Catalyst

SCP-066 – Eric’s Toy

SCP-067 – The Artist’s Pen

SCP-068 – Metal Wire Entity

SCP-069 – Second Chance

SCP-070 – Iron Wing

SCP-071 – Entity disappearing g Degeneration

SCP-072 – Bed Foot SCP-073 – “Cain”

SCP-074 – Quantum Woodworm

SCP-075 – The Edible Slug

SCP-076 – “Potential”

SCP-077 – Rotten Skull

SCP-078 – Sin

SCP-079 – Old Artificial Intelligence

SCP-080 – Shadow Form

SCP-081 – Self-Igniting Virus

SCP-082 – The “Fernand” Human Predator

SCP-083 – An Abandoned Complex House

SCP-084 – Electrostatic Tower

SCP-085 – Hand Painted Painting “ Cassy ”

SCP-086 – Doctor’s Office [REDACTED]

SCP-087 – Stairway Space

SCP-088 – The Lizard King

SCP-089 – Hell (Hebrew)

SCP-090 – ApocorubikSCP-091 Cube – Homesickness

SCP-092 – “The Best from Fifth Space”

SCP-093 – Object From the Red Sea 

SCP-094 – Miniature Skyline

SCP-095 – The Atomic Journey Of The Ronnie Laser Gun

SCP-096 – “Shy Guy”

SCP-097 – Old Empty LandSCP-098 – Surgical Crab

SCP-099 – Portrait ——————————