Whether you’re considering homeschooling your child for kindergarten due to these pandemic times, some medical issues, or simply because you feel your child should have another year at home before they go to school, you’re not alone. Many parents consider homeschooling their children through kindergarten.

Homeschooling has evolved considerably over the years. There are schools that you can get your child enrolled in, allowing online learning, or you could choose from a wide variety of curricula online. If you want to go the traditional homeschooling way, you have to start with a comprehensive plan.

You have to decide what subjects you want to cover, discover your child’s interest, and set a rhythm that suits both of you. Take your time to research homeschool styles and curriculum options. You have to make sure that you have the best kindergarten homeschool curriculum that will set your child up for success in years to come.

Choose the Subjects

This is the most crucial. Carefully choose the subjects that are interesting and easy for the child to follow. Focus on making learning fun. Focus on phonics, reading, listening, etc. Introduce your child to consonants and vowels, one or two words. This will be an exciting phase as the child will learn new words and gradually improve his or her vocabulary.

Get them to read out words and gradually move to sentences and then paragraphs. This should include both reading it aloud for others and listening while you read out to your child. Listening is an essential life skill, and teaching the habit at an early stage will make it easy for them when entering elementary schooling.

Math, too, is essential, just the basics like numbers, addition, subtraction, etc. You could even consider other subjects like Geography and Science to make it more interesting.

Include Hands-on Activities

Learning doesn’t have to be with just a pen and paper. Remember, your kid is growing and exploring the world around him and that every step is a learning experience for him. Consider using pictures and objects to teach things.

Doing math doesn’t have to be on paper. It could be in the kitchen as you arrange the fruits or gardens as you plant trees. You could consider writing and penmanship as well. Encourage your child to form letters and write with neatness while providing the best kindergarten homeschool curriculum.

All Work and No Play’ Is Not the Right Approach

Make recess, lunch breaks, or loo-breaks a part of the routine. Your child will slowly get used to it and even start looking forward to it. Include games – physical games, board games, outdoor sport, etc. Also, once you are done teaching, allow them time to follow their interest.

Homeschool is all about getting to know your child and discovering their learning style. The curriculum is fine, but learning is all around them. Please encourage your child to take advantage of the learning opportunities that surround them. Kindergarten is a phase of freedom.

Allow them to do whatever they want. Unleash their creativity and enjoy it with your child. Remember, by doing this, you’ll sow the seeds of a lifelong love for learning in your little one.