Are you a workout buff who feels comfortable working out at your home then heading to the gym?

You must probably own a range of exercise equipment starting from yoga mats to a treadmill to a weightlifting machine. Gym equipment are on the costlier side and should be fitted and positioned appropriately. Any damage to those pieces of equipment can cause harm to the body, both while using them as well as when you want to move them to a different location in the house.

When the time comes to relocate your exercise equipment to a new house, it is crucial to carry all the heavyweight equipment safely and securely and handle the machines with care making sure all the nuts and bolts are suitably fixed and secured. Rather than carrying out the move by yourself, it will be best to hire professional packers and movers Nagpur who offer quality packing and moving services for shifting all kinds of household goods including home gym.

However, before you handover the equipment to movers, you need to prepare different types of equipment in a proper manner. Go through the below points to understand a few necessary things about how to safely relocate your home gym equipment.

#1 Prepare, Check, and Clean

The first step in relocating fitness gear is to thoroughly clean and sterilize it. The last thing you want is to introduce microorganisms from your previous residence into your new one. Cleaning your equipment after the relocation can also keep it looking fresh new. Clean all of the handrails and surfaces of your treadmill, weight machines, elliptical, stationary cycle, and other workout equipment with a paper towel and an all-purpose cleaner or all-natural solution, as well as your yoga mats and other accessories.

#2 Moving Your Yoga Equipment

It’s a great idea, to begin with, the minor stuff while packing up your home gym. Start bringing stuff like your yoga mats and accessories, such as blocks, towels, and blankets. Find extensive enough packing boxes to contain all of your yoga equipment and pack carefully. Before placing your yoga mat in the box, roll it from one side to the other and secure it with a carrying strap or a bag. After that, place the remaining accessories in the box and fill the empty area with newspaper or other packing material.

#3 Moving Dumbbells and Hand Weights

When moving heavyweight equipment, the most important thing to remember is to make sure your moving boxes are solid enough to carry the weight. Smaller moving boxes are preferable to larger ones, as the weights are less likely to breakthrough. Plastic bins are used to hold the weights. Here are some more wrapping ideas for hand weights:

  • To safeguard the weights during the move, wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Wrap the box with blankets and towels to keep the weights from shifting and crashing into one another.
  • Keep the number of little hand weights per box to a maximum of four to avoid the box becoming overly heavy.

#4 Moving Your Treadmill, Elliptical, and Stationary Bike

You’ll need to formulate a strategy before moving them because treadmills, elliptical, and stationary cycles are heavy. Here are some general packing and moving tips for your heavy gym equipment. You can also look for more information in the owner’s manual:

1.     Treadmill:

  • Remove the safety key and set the inclination to zero.
  • Unplug the machine from the wall and turn it off.
  • Fold the walking deck against the console by raising it and clicking it into position.
  • To secure the walking deck, insert the locking pin or tighten the knob.
  • Protect the machine by wrapping it in moving blankets or other materials.

2.     Elliptical:

  • Unplug the workout equipment first and unscrew all components (handlebars, pedals, base, and console).
  • Use moving blankets to wrap the parts separately and label them before packing them in their original box. You could also fill them in big moving boxes.

3.     Stationary Bike:

  • Wrap your bike in a moving blanket to keep it safe. Unplug your electric bike and keep all cords in a secure and easily accessible location.
  • Protect your flooring from scratches by placing something underneath the bike (cardboard, towels, or furniture sliders).

#5 Hire Home Gym Equipment Movers

Because a home gym is valuable and costly, it must be handled with care when moving to a new location. Hiring professional movers and packers Navi Mumbai to help you move your equipment with experience will help you avoid any troubles. So, if you’re seeking a competent moving company to assist you with your move, AssureShift can help find and hire trustworthy movers within minutes; their goal is to make the day of the move as painless as possible.

In Conclusion

Leave the task of actually packing and moving your home gym to the movers and make sure you take care of preparing your exercise equipment properly before taking them to your new home. Utilize your available time to plan where and how you want to place your home gym gear at the new house, and you’ll be all set to get into your daily workout routine without any delay.