Diabetes is a chronic disease that grips millions of people across the world. Diabetes is a condition where our pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin hormone to use the food that we eat to turn into energy, which leads to increased levels of sugar in our blood.

It is generally of two types, type 1 which is known to be associated with autoimmune and genetic factors, while type 2 diabetes is attributed to obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, age, previous family history, and so on.  It’s a non-curable disease and the only way to fight diabetes is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes can severely affect other organs of the body, and create several health complications. It becomes even more important to invest in diabetes health insurance so that you don’t need to break your bank in medical billing in case you have to face the ill effects of diabetes.

Here are some factors to consider before you decide to pick health insurance especially if you are diabetic.

Evaluate the Requirement

The first and the foremost thing to consider, whether it is for you or are you on the lookout for health insurance for parents and whether the condition has been pre-existing, and for how long has it been there in the family? Even the type of diabetes that you or your family members have can have an impact on the coverage that different insurance companies provide. Make a note of these details before you take that buying decision.

Set a Budget

We all know that our households run on a budget, from budgeting for monthly groceries, bills, purchasing diabetic supplies to putting aside money for savings, we have a set amount that goes towards each activity. So before you start exploring diabetes health insurance, decide the amount you would like to put aside for the premium and whether you would like to pay it monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

Draw a Comparison

Technology has brought everything to our fingertips. Use this to your advantage and compare different health insurance companies online before you finalize a policy. You can use a premium calculator on the insurance company website. Decision-making becomes easier when you can compare the benefits and premium amounts offered by different companies.

Check the Coverage

This is the most important aspect of any health insurance. A low premium amount can sometimes also mean lesser coverage. While exploring different insurance companies, check whether they cover doctor consultations, diagnostic tests, pre or post-hospitalization expenditure, critical illness coverage, dialysis coverage, ambulance services expense, and other important aspects.

Be Aware of Exclusions

Like being aware of what all is covered, it’s imperative that you also understand what are the conditions that the insurance company doesn’t cover. Don’t forget to ask the insurance agent to give you that list. Any good health insurance will provide you with the most coverage with very few exclusions.

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Regular Health-Checkups –Most health insurance companies offer annual routine check-up coverage especially for diabetic patients. Make sure to explore this aspect before you sign up for the policy, to reap maximum benefit out of your policy.

Claim Settlement Procedure and Ratio

It’s important to check the claim procedure of the insurance company, these days most companies offer an online settlement option, which saves you from the hassle of running to the insurance office with the paperwork. Any good health insurance company should have a high ratio of claim settlement, this means you get settlement easily, without adjournments and botheration.

Check the List of Covered Hospitals

Insist to see the list of network hospitals before you sign-up for the policy. You don’t want to end up getting admitted to a hospital that’s not covered and then face all the problems at the time when you need to focus on getting treated. Ensure the list contains most of the hospitals that are close by to your place because at the time of emergency the last thing that you want is to rush to a hospital that’s located far and battle through the heavy road traffic.

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Speak to your relatives and friends to know their suggestions and opinions. You can also check the online reviews of different insurance companies to make an informed decision.