If you are already a “netizen”, you must have heard of the concept of fake ip. There are many reasons why computer users do not want to reveal their ip when accessing the internet. In this article, I will share with you 3 easiest ways to fake ip. You don’t have to be IT savvy to do it. And most importantly, it’s free.

Why do many people often fake ip when surfing the web?

For many people Fake ip is to access blocked websites (eg fakebook, netflix is ​​blocked in many countries). Or use a virtual IP address to help access the internet safely and avoid being tracked. There are many ways for you to fake ip, hide the real ip and replace it with a virtual ip. Here are the most effective and easiest ways.

Method 1: Fake ip online with an intermediary website

This way is the easiest and fastest, you do not need to install or manipulate anything. Your job is simply to go to an intermediary website. Then enter the website address you want to access and press Enter. The intermediary website will help you hide the IP and provide another ip. There are many intermediary websites that can do this.

If you can’t find us we have an address available for you to use right away. You can use a free proxy website https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy . This is a free function to access blocked websites. And fake ip according to the ip of the famous VPN software provider in the top 10 best VPN today. (If you want to buy the paid version of this provider.

The downside of fake ip online with an intermediary website is that you are not really anonymous. Your information is still saved. You cannot optionally fake ip according to the countries you want. This method should only be used to access blocked popular websites

Method 2: Fake ip by proxy or extension on Chrome web browser

This fake ip way will help you fake the ip according to the country you want. You can fake ip of US, UK, Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan… Or any other country. However, you need to configure it on your computer or web browser.

How to do fake ip manually as follows:

– You need to find a free proxy address according to the country you want. There are many free proxies at https://free-proxy-list.net/. Or you can also search by google with the keyword “free proxy”.

You need to use 2 parameters IP and Port for manual proxy setting

– After copying the proxy according to the country you choose. In the search bar in the start of the computer. Type in the keyword inetcpl.cpl and then press enter to access the Internet Properties interface

Manual for configuring Proxy

In the Internet Properties interface, select the Connections tab and click on LAN settings.

You tick Use a proxy server for your LAN and enter the parameters of the selected IP address and connection port in the red highlighted section as shown and then click OK.

– Now you can access the web with fake ip. Access speed will be slower than normal speed. How slow depends on the proxy you choose. When you want to change to another country proxy, repeat the above operation and replace it with a new IP address and Port.

The advantage of manual fake ip by proxy compared to using an intermediary website to fake ip is: You will be able to fake ip of many countries thanks to free proxy sources available online (or paid). However, the disadvantage of this way is that every time you change it, you have to find the proxy, and reinstall it.

Add a way to fake ip with Hola utility on chrome, firefox browsers (including IOS and Android applications)

If you use chrome browser, go here to download the Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker utility. You can see this utility has more than 8 million users and received more than 300,000 5-star reviews. This utility also has an Android version.

You click the add to chrome button, a window pops up and you click on add the extension, wait for about 3-5 seconds for the browser to add the extension to chrome successfully.

Instructions to fake ip with hola VPN on web browser

How to fake ip with hola is also very simple. First, select the hola icon with a fiery face in the upper right corner of the screen. You get instant access to the most popular sites hola recommends.

Or you can hover your mouse below the Hola VPN heading. There will be a box allowing you to enter the address of the website you want to visit, enter the web address and press enter to access it. Here hola allows you to choose the server of many different countries, you just need to click on the name of the country or the national flag of that country.

– If you use firefox browser, you can visit hola homepage and download add-on for firefox (click on firefox icon to download). How to use hola on firefox is similar to how to use hola on chrome.

Method 3: Fake ip with VPN software (Laptop, Phone, PC)

With the use of VPN software, in addition to fake ip, you are also truly anonymous on the internet. Encrypt all your communications on the network. Using VPN software will help you secure information, prevent hackers from peeking and stealing important data. VPN software is especially necessary for those who are sharing the internet, or using public wifi networks.

There are many VPN software for you to choose, you can refer to the best VPN software here. Using VPN software is also very simple, you just need to open the software -> enter account information and click connect to use.