A wireless fence can be great equipment for your dog’s safety in a yard if the area is too large. Such a fence comes with a collar that produces beeps as a warning sign to alert your dog regarding the boundary.

The Stay and Play wireless fence can be a great purchase to train your dog to understand boundaries. However, it is also equally important to train your dog to stop and back off once they hear the warning signal.

Follow the instructions below to ensure the best training results.

Understand the Fence and Collar Operations

After you buy a wireless fence, read the instruction manual. You need to know clearly how the fence and collar operate before starting to train your dog.

To train your dog and prevent any adverse consequences, follow all the directions. In case you have queries regarding the training system, contact customer service executives immediately.

Position Training Flags Maintaining Proper Distance

A wireless fence kit comes with training flags that you may use to train your dog where to stop and return. Position training flags inside the boundary maintaining proper distance apart as mentioned in the instruction manuals.

The training flags show the possible location of the warning signal. They are usually positioned three meters apart depending on how the distance differs between systems.

Put on a Non-Metallic Collar on Your Pet

When you use a leash, put a non-metallic collar on your dog beside the electric one. Ensure the non-metallic collar is neither too loose nor tight by checking if you are able to insert a couple of fingers between the neck and the collar.

The collar you pick should not contain any metal as it may interfere with the signals between the fence and the collar.

Teach the Warning Signs

You can easily buy and install Stay and Play wireless fences, but you must teach your dog the warning signs. Train them using the collar in brief intervals of ten to fifteen minutes.

Remember, dogs react better to brief and frequent training. So, keep the training sessions short and clear. Reward your dog with pats or treats when it gets it right to make it more enjoyable. Make sure you conduct no more than three training sessions in a day.

The total time your dog takes to learn using a wireless fence depends on their breed and nature and, most importantly, the training schedule. Usually, these sessions take four to five months to complete.

Walk With Dog to the Training Flags

Training your dog regarding the warning signal is crucial. Walk with your pet to the training flags, listen to the warning signals and stop immediately, and instruct your pet to do the same.

If the signal does not emit at the perfect time, you may need to rearrange your flags. For more information on your wireless fence system, go through the instruction manual.

It usually takes about three or four months to train your dog on the wireless fence. When you are confident that your dog is fully trained, you can then remove the flags and see if your dog still stops at that boundary. If it does, it means that the training was successful.