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You plan to prepare some homemade beauty and skincare cosmetics and wonder how you will later store them for an extended safe, and secure life span. Well, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the many different options that you can ponder upon for storing your DIY cosmetics. Some of the most common DIY cosmetics containers are glass jars, glass bottles, aluminum bottles, tins containers, and plastic airless bottles.

Finding the perfect containers and jars to store your DIY beauty and skincare products can be quite a task, especially if you are a new bee. When you have spent quite some money buying ingredients for your DIY cosmetics, you must store them in the proper packaging and containers so that they keep fresh and safe throughout the planned shelf life.

Before diving into the many different packaging options, you have for your homemade cosmetics and their pros and cons, let’s first review some general rules of thumb. First and foremost, for almost all products in general, especially those with citrus, vitamin C serums, essential oils, and other delicate ingredients, choose an opaque, non-porous, and natural packaging material. This will keep it safe and stable from UV light, air and moisture and prevent it from degrading or generating unwanted results. Second, for watery products, it is always advised to use jars and bottles with pumps so that they can be accessed easily while at the same time protection from the ambient environment is guaranteed.

There are all sorts of cosmetic packaging available in the market. The most widely used packaging material for beauty products is made out of plastics and glass. However, the popularity of aluminum as a packaging material is growing as well. This is clear from the fact that many beauty brands have left behind their traditional glass or plastic packaging and are switching to aluminum bottles and containers. This switch is happening for a couple of reasons that are discussed below.


Glass jars and glass bottles are by far the most prominent cosmetics storing materials. It gives an exceptional touch to its products. If you have ever noticed, cosmetic industries use glass jars and bottles for their most expensive and premium products like perfumes and lotions. They provide adequate safety to products stores in their packaging. Still, it also keeps them fresh and aromatic owing to their non-porous and excellent barrier capacity. If the products you are storing are not supported on edged surfaces or in places kids can easily reach, then glass can be a good choice.

Furthermore, it is advised to keep it away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. Additional benefits of glass come from its recyclability; it’s a natural material that can easily be recycled and thus provides environmental benefits too. However, a significant risk with glass containers is that they can break easily on minor impacts too. Therefore you have to take utmost caution when you are handling glass packaging.


Another promising choice for storing your DIY cosmetics are small metal containers made from aluminum. It is a naturally occurring soft material that can easily be molded to make different containers like aluminum tins and containers. This also means it is easy to manufacture in custom designs and shapes, which is an attractive add-on for companies. At the same time, its durability is worth noting, too, as it can take multiple impacts and still not break or puncture easily. Other benefits of using aluminum include its corrosion-resistant feature; as a result, it does not require any chemical coatings and is thus safe from harmful chemicals like BPA that is most commonly found in almost all plastics. Many competent authorities, including the FDA, have approved using aluminum packaging for consumable goods, including food and cosmetics, which is evidence of its safe usage.

Furthermore, aluminum is entirely recyclable. It is a natural element that can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality. This is an excellent option for industries that are working towards a greener future. Aluminum packaging is not only good for your health but also the environment, so it is a win-win situation for vendors and consumers alike. Its abundant supply makes for an affordable choice.


 Conventionally used plastic packaging has its perks of being cheap and widely available, but it brings potential health risks and environmental concerns. Much of the plastics produced contain the infamous BPA chemical that is considered harmful for your health. Many health professionals encourage people to be aware of BPA products and avoid them as much as possible. Additionally, it brings significant strain on the environment as it is complicated to recycle or reuse plastic packaging. Although it comes at a lower price, companies are still opting to move away from plastic packaging due to its hazards for health and the environment.

To conclude, you need to know all the details about the ingredients that you have used in your DIY homemade cosmetics and understand its storage conditions. Once you have sufficient knowledge of its storage conditions, you can then opt for one of those, as mentioned above, most widely used packaging materials and enjoy your DIY cosmetics. An important consideration is to not look for the cheapest options when you are storing consumables for later use but to give the material’s environmental concerns some thoughts too so that you always make the best choice.