Do you have this idea you want to put into words? Perhaps it’s just an inspiration that you would like to bring to a reality in the form of a book. A book can change the life of both the writer as well as the readers. There are so many things involved in book writing app, and when it comes to this, people are often quick to give bad advice. Most of the advice might discourage you from writing that book.

Understanding craft and writing is essential, but being able to write a book is not the only thing you need to complete the book. There are many writers out there that started writing books only to get stuck at some point because they couldn’t find a perfect way to end the project. Some are forced to end the book rather too soon without even providing much information.

To begin and complete a book with ease, you don’t need to be writing professional or use expensive writing tools. In this article, you will learn all the steps that will help you complete your story in a book. These steps will come in handy for you, whether you are sending it to a publisher or if you are getting it published by yourself.

It is worth mentioning that for nonfiction books, a full manuscript must be submitted if you are seeking traditional publication. However, if you will self-publish the book, then the only thing you will need is to write a proposal for a nonfiction book.

With all that said, here are the steps to follow to writer and complete a book:

  1. Pick the Right Hook

You are probably wondering what is meant by a hook. In simple terms, it is the general idea of the book and the drive of your story. As soon as your manuscript is completed, you will need a hook if you want to pitch your book to publishers, agents, readers, or anyone you are targeting. Here’s an example of what a manuscript looks like…

For fourteen-year-old Max, baking and family are everything. However, he must learn how to craft charms mix elixirs because he is from the line of Arab alchemists. He must do this to avoid losing his family’s tradition.

The main thing to include in a hook is the main character and the conflict. These are the elements that will guide the writer through the story. It will also help the writer when considering the public and readers. A hook is the main factor that can break or make your motivation to continue writing your book.

  1. Decide the Type of Writer You Are: Pantser or Plotter

Arriving at a crossroad is common for most writers, especially when learning how to write books. You are either a pantser or a plotter. It is important to note that a spectrum exists between both types of writers. There is also a middle point, but writers are usually closer to the extremes. It is always best to know yourself before you get started if you want to succeed and complete the writing process.

  • Pantser: This implies writing by the seat of your pants. It means that you don’t plan before writing. Writers who fall under this category are usually uncomfortable with ambiguity. They prefer discovering the book as they write. It allows writers to explore their creativity.
  • Plotter: Most writers fall under this category. They prefer plotting the story before writing. This implies planning out the book. They do this by writing a few scenes and also creating an outline to follow. The outline contains the details of each chapter and how you plan to arrive at the endpoint.

Both choices are valid, and you can be any. If you are a plotter, then it is better to always plan your book before proceeding to write it. As a pantser, you don’t need a plot or an outline. You can proceed with the book and flow with the drive.

  1. Establish an Easy Routine

This is easier said than done. Finding the right routine can be tricky sometimes, and you might need to do trial and error. Writing fun is the goal. Most writers often find excuses when the whole process becomes too stressful for them to handle, and this will only bring an end to their project. Sometimes, it is best to consider a daily word count as the goal to achieve. This will also make it easier for you to achieve your plan.

It is worth mentioning that you don’t necessarily need writing time or a writing space. There are many writers that have completed awesome books and writing projects in the weirdest of environments.

  1. See the Story Through to the End

With the right routine and a good hook, you are ready to start writing. However, you must note that some days will be smooth sailing and clear skies, while other days will feel like a thorn in your flesh. The only way can get through and pull the project to completion is by staying the course and trusting the process.

Completing the book depends on you and your level of commitment.

  1. Revise, Revise, Revise

Completing the first draft of the book does not mean you have completed the book. You will need to make revisions, and this is the part that differentiates a good writer form a bad writer. Having a critique partner at this stage is key. This will help you identify mistakes and plot holes. You can’t identify this all by yourself, and you will need someone to ride along with you.

Do you want to start writing a book and complete it? Then these are the steps you need to follow if you want to succeed. Once you have completed each of these steps and your book is ready, the only thing you would need to do is to share your wonderful piece with the world. You can self-publish the book or use the services of a publisher. Writing a book does not require any special skill, and the steps mentioned above are the only thing you need.