School plays a very important role in every student’s life. Students come together in school to learn, explore.

They learn discipline and punctuality. School also plays an important role in building one’s character, as it teaches them values and virtues such as honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, obedience. School is where they get the knowledge and have a strong foundation. Exposure to mobile phones and social media has impacted the student’s grades and resulted in poor performance in exams. With upcoming SSC results Maharashtra board, TS board results in 2020, the AP board results in 2020, and UP board results in 2020, it will be challenging to analyze the performance of the students.

A research study says mobile phone usage has a severe negative impact on student’s academics, 100 minutes spent using a mobile phone can drop up to 6.3 places in the academic ranking, which will directly affect their future and their career. Spending too much time on the mobile phone also has a huge negative impact on health as students refuse to participate in co-curricular activities, outdoor activities, and sports which ultimately leads to unhealthy life patterns with a lack of physical activities.

With the increase in mobile phone usage their also an increase in social media usage which makes them addicted to the virtual world (reel world) and easy access to look into another person’s life which makes them jealous, angry and materialistic and leads them to wrong paths in order make oneself popular and results in diverting the student’s mind focus from the studies. And sometimes leads to the worst and turns the innocent minds and leads them to the path of exploitation and crime. As the students are the future of our country it is our duty to make them aware of the consequences.

And help realize the importance of education and how it is going to impact their careers on longterm and help them concentrate on studies and perform well their exams in order to get good grades in their upcoming SSC results of 2020 Maharashtra board, TS board results in 2020, AP board results in 2020, and UP board results in 2020. With excess use you of mobile phone and social media it has also created a huge peer pressure to make oneself look good and best in everything which also often leads student’s taking drastic measure such as suicide in order to avoid humiliation when they perform poorly in their academics or fail. This also affects the student’s mental health causing severe issues such as anxiety, inferiority complex, depression which ruins one’s life, career and everything that they have once dreamt of.

The school and college students have developed a pattern of uploading every detail of their day to day life which really gives an open window to the stalkers and is also one the major safety breach. It is important to make them aware that such practices can be hazardous to their private life. And mobile phones and social media usage should be limited for the necessary means only.

A student becomes successful in their career when their character is built on strong morals and values, which teach them to differentiate between wrong and right and do not distract them from their goals and achievements. A school prepares the students to face the challenges they would have to face once they step into the real world, where they have to struggle to prove their prominence.

Most of the people have the happiest days of their life during their school life where we forget and the sorrows and laugh wholeheartedly with joy. There are so many instances that remind us of our beautiful memories spent during our school days and put a smile on our faces. The school has filled our mind and heart with nostalgic memories that are going to stay with us through our lifetime.

It is important for us to make this young generation to realize how beautiful school life is also without mobile phones and social media, encourage them to participate in group activities and sports which will improve their physical and mental health and makes them feel rejuvenated.

And spread awareness about the negative impact it has been causing to our health, academics and personal life.