Is it worth having dental treatment abroad?

They say that smile is your best makeup. No wonder many people take a really good care of their oral hygiene and see the dentist regularly. However, the treatment costs can be overwhelming and ruin the budget. Dental tourism seems to look like an attractive option. Why so many decide to go abroad?

The treatment you can afford

There are numerous countries that make the effective dental treatment extremely difficult. The overall cost does not calculate and many people simply cannot afford it. Going abroad is a great way for savings, especially when you can combine the trip with a short holiday at the end of a treatment. In Poland, the prices of dental services tend to be up to 70 per cent lower than in the other countries of Western Europe. This is the reason why so many citizens of the UK, Denmark or Norway decide to take a flight and visit certified polish dentists.

Well-equipped clinics

Polish clinics are frequently very well-equipped with a modern, high-technology machines of a great origin. For example, Indexmedica, a renowned dental clinic in Kraków, along with vare tannleger offer the highest quality pack of services that include advanced treatment. Qualified dentists with valuable experience carry out teeth whitening, bone grafting, endodontic treatment or extractions.

Excellent quality of treatment

The professional dentists from Indexmedica are educated and trained to international standards. A competent and caring staff is willing to make all efforts to guarantee a stress-free and painless dental treatment of a great quality. They use materials that come from global and renowned companies from the US, Germany or Switzerland, which allows the professionals to meet the worldwide standards.

Less time to wait

Usually it takes up to 3-4 months to wait for a dental treatment. Such services abroad are available within 2 or 3 weeks. It is a crucial matter if you have other deadlines or struggle with a pain in your teeth. In Polish clinic Indexmedica in Kraków you can start your treatment as soon as possible. Having calculated the flight ticket and accomodation, it still turns out to be much cheaper than in your home nation.

No language barrier

Polish professionals are well-educated not only in their dental specialization. The team of Indexmedica is a group of English-speaking individuals who do their best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. There is no need to worry about your communication during an intricate treatment. You will be fully understood with no language barriers.

High standard care

Dental tourism is a business of a high competition. If the clinic wants to stand out, something extra needs to be done in order to attract patients. In case of Indexmedica, apart from quality treatment, there is also a high standard of care. This includes also a pick-up from the airport and a ride to accommodation place.