Technology has invaded our lives drastically. From dawn to dusk, we use it everywhere. In education system we use it in schools, colleges. Many teachers have already adapted to use of a tablet for students while there are many teachers planning to do the same in the near future.

Using the tablet for education has many advantages.

Unlike pen and book, which needs to be changed from time to time, a tablet has storage enough to work for a long time; so, the student must feel ease in using it. It has also made communication easy between student and teacher, and between teacher and parents. Parents are at great control of monitoring what their kid is doing in the school while teachers have the ease of connecting with their students. Tablets made it possible for live knowledge sharing across the globe.

Teachers from one part of a globe can access the whole internet to make concepts easy for their students and all the information is available on a single click. Tablets also enable visual illustrations as teachers are in great control of displaying anything they need. Suppose an Arts Teacher showing live arts to the students, this will open new doors of imagination for students.

When you ask about a note taking tablet for college, these tablet are one which has a good RAM and processor to support complex tasks by a student. Connectivity should be easy while the battery life should support daily study hours of a student. OS may be kept Windows for making connectivity easy with laptop or desktop while there may be a good camera as per requirement of a subject. For science subjects, the best tablet for students must be the one with a high screen resolution to give an in-depth analysis of objects to students in good resolution. For math and algebra, you need the latest tablet for students so they can install relevant apps to help them doing their sums.